As more research is showing the numerous and often unexpected health benefits of sleep, greater number of people are catching on to the fact that a mattress is more than something to lie on—it can play an essential role in the quality of sleep and support overall health.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to the manufacturing of higher quality mattresses. Many of these mattresses are available not just in stores but online. While it might seem like an online-only retailer limits how people experience and test out mattresses, there are in fact several reasons why you should buy a mattress online.

Examining Face-to-Face Mattress Shopping

Face-to-face mattress shopping can be time consuming. Not only because you have to figure out what kind of mattress you want and the budget you want to spend on it, but because often you have to head to the store itself to lay on it, nap on it, turn on it, and spend time with it. This can take your whole day.

Even if you decide on a mattress, you may find that after you’ve purchased it, you don’t want it and now what? You have to call the store, figure out the return (which hopefully the store has a policy on), get your money back and repeat the process all over again. Honestly, it sounds exhausting, and you may actually need that mattress sooner due to mattress-shopping exhaustion.

You also have to account for mattress salesmen. They can be great, or they can be sleazy, trying to sell you a mattress you don’t want, don’t need, never even thought about getting, upgrading you to some technology you’ve never heard of, or lying on it with you to explain the features (awkward). At the end of the day, you leave with something you didn’t know you needed or wanted.

We’re not saying human interaction when buying a mattress isn’t beneficial at times, but we’ve found that it can tend to put pressure on the individual who simply wanted a mattress. If you know what you’re looking for, going into a mattress store can be exasperating.

Shopping for the Right Mattress Online

Buying a mattress online eliminates the time spent with a salesman in a store. By shopping online, you can just as easily answer your questions and get what you want. There’s no pressure for commission or having to make small talk. Furthermore, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Here are five steps we recommend when purchasing a mattress online:

Step 1: Pick two or three that look like what you’d like.

This is simply a quick process of elimination. Rather than spending time with each of the mattresses on your online store, pick two or three according to your budget, what you know you like as far as firmness or softness, and pillowtop or no pillowtop. If you need to pick a mattress with movable parts, choose that. Also, choose if you need a side-sleeper, kids mattress, or pain-relieving mattress.

Step 2: Once you’ve picked out a few that look good, check out each of their reviews.

The great thing about being in the age of the internet is that people love to review what they like and don’t like online. These are real people who are freely giving you their thoughts on the mattress of your choosing. Pay attention when they say that a mattress was perhaps harder or softer than they thought, didn’t live up to or surpassed their expectations and why.

At Smarttress, we help you save time and money with our mattress reviews. We have researchers testing out numerous mattresses to give you unbiased and honest assessments of the best mattresses on the market.

Step 3: Find out if your online mattress retailer offers a guarantee.

This can be a money back guarantee, an exchange guarantee, a XX-year mattress guarantee, or so on. Shopping for anything online has the element of convenience, of course, but also the element of not knowing if you’re going to get 100% what you expected.

Many retailers nowadays offer great guarantees—just be sure they offer one you’re comfortable with. Don’t let the word “guarantee” sweep you off your feet. Inquire exactly as to what the guarantee includes.

Step 4: Free shipping and delivery.

Find out from your mattress online retailer if they offer free shipping and delivery. Free shipping and delivery is often really free, or it’s included in the price of the mattress. Many online furniture retailers hire local delivery companies to deliver in your area at no extra cost to you.

Online retailers are pretty good about telling you upfront if this service is free. If the words “free shipping and delivery” are nowhere to be found on their site, ask. Send them an email or open up a chat box. They’ll let you know for sure.

Step 5: What if you don’t like your new mattress?

This is very much tied to step 3 and asking if your online mattress retailer offers a guarantee. The mattress looked good online, the reviews were awesome, and you got free shipping and delivery. In theory, this is a match made in heaven. But the most important step is whether you like the mattress after sleeping on it a few nights.

Many retailers offer a trial period. During this period, you’re able to sleep on the mattress and really know how your body feels on it. Also, you get to know how you sleep on it. Be sure to find out if they offer a trial period or what options are available if you don’t like the mattress after it arrives. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Is there a trial period?
  2. Can the retailer come pick it up?
  3. Will you receive a refund? Full or partial?
  4. If partial, how much?
  5. Are you able to exchange it for a different mattress?
  6. Can you try as many mattresses as you please until you find “the one”?

Finding out all the above from the onset can eliminate many headaches. Being transparent from the beginning is the key to a successful online mattress buying experience.

One Final Tip

Our final tip is to do your research on your online mattress retailer. Make sure they’re honest and trustworthy. Just as you can do research on your mattress, you can check your retailer’s reviews with a quick search.

Purchasing a mattress online is an important decision and one of the easiest ways to get your mattress. You’ll get exactly what you wanted delivered right to your door. Equally as important is trusting your online retailer. The right relationship will bring you peace of mind and, of course, help you sleep at night.