Best Hybrid Mattress

Best Hybrid Mattress
Best Hybrid Mattress

Getting a full night of sleep isn’t always easy, especially when you have a worn out old mattress with broken springs or caved-in areas. Even though the National Sleep Foundation recommends getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep on a nightly basis, an uncomfortable mattress can often stand in the way of that. For many people who struggle with sleep discomfort, the answer is a hybrid mattress.

What, exactly, is a hybrid mattress? Most mattresses come in a certain type, such as latex, memory foam, or innerspring. However, as technology has developed and advanced, the mattress industry decided just one was not enough, and thus hybrid mattresses were created. Hybrid mattresses are typically some combination of two of the “normal” types of mattresses, all in the name of more comfort and support. Sometimes, these hybrid mattresses run a bit more expensive than your average mattress, but if you can afford the investment, they are often worth it.

At Smarttress, we have taken the time to review a few different hybrid mattresses. So, the question is: Which of these is the best hybrid mattress? It really comes down to what you want most out of your hybrid mattress. Here are a few different hybrid mattresses, and what makes them stand out from the others. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for here.

Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

The Brentwood Home mattress line is vast and varied, but the Oceano hybrid model continues to be one of their top performers and with good reason. The Oceano is a hybrid of an innerspring mattress and memory foam layers, all combined to make an outrageously comfortable mattress. Even beginning with the Tencel and polyester cover, the Oceano mattress’s elements all combine to give you a good sleep.

The Tencel cover is a breathable material, so from the very top of the mattress, the Oceano works to regulate temperature and give a soft sensation. The next few layers, considered the comfort layers, include New Zealand wool, memory foam, and the coils. If you like the instant sensation of memory foam, you may not like this mattress, but Smarttress loved the Oceano’s feeling of the “give” of memory foam with the softness of the New Zealand wool. Under the memory foam layer is one of the spring layers for support and padding. Then there is a small layer of foam, and then the larger zoning coils, which help put pressure on the areas that need it most without compromising comfort or softness.

With the zoning in mind, the other wonderful thing about the Oceano mattress is that it is suitable for any sleeping position. Softer areas include the shoulders, which would require more give when sleeping on your side; hips tend to be a larger area, so that spot on the mattress is softer as well. Firmer areas include the back, and the coils help to encourage proper lumbar support, as well. Overall, the Oceano is at the top of our list for the best hybrid mattress.

The DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud Mattress is considered a “luxury hybrid”, and it certainly lives up to that title. This hybrid combines the typical box spring with the softness of a memory foam mattress, and it does so beautifully. The DreamCloud has eight separate layers, including the springs, that all work together to create a wonderful night of sleep.

The cover is a cashmere blend, so at first touch you know that this mattress is going to live up to its name. The next few layers are various types of memory foam, all of which are used to create the perfect body contour, support, and plush feeling that you expect from a memory foam mattress. The base layer consists of the coils, which provide solid support without the hard or rough sensation you might expect from a box spring. Overall, Smarttress found the DreamCloud mattress to be everything you could hope for from a hybrid mattress.

The DreamCloud is soft but firm enough that sleeping in any position can be done comfortably in this mattress. The distribution of the pressure points and the way the mattress is formed allows for side, back, and stomach sleeping with ease – and an easy and comfortable transition between the positions as well. If you are someone who frequently shifts during your sleep, this is a great match for you.

As a hybrid, it is a bit larger than many mattresses – approximately 15”, to be exact. Some people might find the size a bit daunting, since it is larger than the average mattress, but if you think your bed frame can handle it, the DreamCloud is an absolutely delightful innovation in the mattress world and feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Avocado Mattress

The Avocado mattress is another hybrid of the box spring, but this time with latex rather than memory foam. Another major benefit of this mattress is peace of mind, because it is created with eco-friendly and “green” materials, so you can rest guilt free and also rest knowing that there are no potentially harmful chemicals since everything is natural.

This is another layered mattress, starting with a 2” comfort layer of latex on top. The latex is a natural type called Dunlop, and it is both comfortable and instantly responsive to pressure. Next is another layer of latex, but this is a transition layer to protect from the innerspring layer underneath, which provides firm and solid support without digging into your body. The coils are zoned in such a way to effectively distribute pressure and to provide just the right amount of pain relief for your body. Smarttress loved this particular aspect, and we found it highly successful and innovative.

Often, latex mattresses do not have the “give” that is associated with memory foam, and they lack the contouring effects of its competitors. However, the soft latex layer on the Avocado mattress has just the right amount of contouring and makes this mattress perfect for any sleeping position. It molds to the body without pushing, and it does not make you feel like you are sinking in. Plus, it is incredibly soft and made from healthy materials, which is a big bonus.


Which is the right choice for you? It depends on your tastes and your budget. Smarttress recommends the Oceano, but the Avocado and the DreamCloud mattresses are also both fantastic choices for the best hybrid mattress.

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Best Mattress Under $1,000

Best Mattress Under 1000
Best Mattress Under $1,000

As more research is coming out about the numerous health benefits of sleep, more people are clamouring to upgrade the one item that is essential for any solid night’s rest: the mattress. But a mattress upgrade doesn’t always seem affordable. It is all but impossible to find a king-sized bed under $1,000 (although one of our options below offers a king size for budget buyers), but a queen-sized bed is a bit easier. As one of the most popular mattress sizes, there are multiple options available under $1,000 for people on a budget, and there is no need to sacrifice comfort in the process. We at Smarttress examined and tested various mattresses, and we narrowed the budget mattresses down to a few different options.

The criteria we used when evaluating these mattresses took all the cheaper mattresses into account and examined them to choose the best value and best comfort level. After reviewing many different mattresses, here are our results for the best mattress under $1,000.

Nectar Mattress

The NECTAR mattress is one of the most affordable mattresses in recent years, and it does not sacrifice quality to achieve the amazing prices. A queen mattress typically clocks in at around $795, and a king is around $900, and those are the normal prices – Nectar often runs sales as well. This mattress is very versatile and works with many bed frame types as well, so you do not need to worry about buying a new frame for your new mattress.

We at Smarttress found the Nectar mattress to be surprisingly comfortable, and suitable for most comfort levels. It features a Tencel cooling layer, which helps keep you cool at night. Typically, we would have expected a mattress on the cheaper end to get rid of some characteristics, such as temperature regulation. However, Nectar manages to successfully incorporate this into their value mattress, and it works surprisingly well.

The Nectar is comprised of various layers of memory foam and gel foam to maximize comfort level. Nectar’s materials are affordable and durable, without being uncomfortable. We would put it on the middle of the firmness scale, so it has some cushioning and support, although it may not be as great for people who experience a lot of pain – typically people with chronic pain prefer slightly firmer mattresses.

The other great thing about Nectar mattresses, especially considering their value, is that the company boasts a “forever warranty” and a one-year risk free trial, so you can test the Nectar mattress for yourself at no risk to you and see exactly why this amazing value mattress topped our list for the best mattress under $1,000.

Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress, at queen size, is around $899. This mattress is an incredible deal, as it is far more versatile than many other mattresses of similar construction. It is a dual sided mattress, meaning there is a firmer and softer side. Depending on how you feel about firmness, some complain that the soft side is just a little “too soft”, but the firm side is the perfect amount of pressure and support that most people need. However, Smarttress found the soft side to be plush and comfortable without feeling like you were sinking, although the firmer side was definitely better for pain relief.

The bulk of the mattress is made of a high-density copper infused foam, which is where most of the support and the comfort comes from. On the softer side of the mattress, there is a larger portion of the foam, where the firmer side has a thinner layer. The middle section is the support of the mattress, and also reinforces the firm versus soft sides with ridges (soft) or no ridges (firm).

This material is also very breathable, so the Layla mattress does not sleep hot at all. In fact, it does a pretty good job of keeping the sleeper cool at night, although with any foam mattress there may be a risk. The Layla kept us comfortable throughout a long night of sleep for our testers and prevented them from getting too warm.

The only small drawback to the Layla mattress is that it struggles in the area of motion isolation – but only on the softer side. Where the firm side does a good job of preventing too much motion transfer, allowing for partners to sleep comfortably without waking each other, the softer side of the mattress did suffer a bit in the area. The softer foam allowed more room for motion transfer, so it was a lot easier to feel movement from another person.

Overall, the Layla mattress is a fantastic value, and it is great for those who alternate between wanting a softer mattress and a firm one.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress is one of the simplest and most comfortable mattresses on the market. With only 2 layers, it sounds like it should be a lot less comfortable than it is. However, we at Smarttress all agree that two layers is all the Tuft & Needle mattress needs to be comfortable and a great deal. With their largest size costing only approximately $700, this mattress is an amazing deal for the comfort you receive in return.

Their patented foam layer, which sits on top of this surprisingly comfortable mattress, perfectly contours to the body without sacrificing the support most people want from a foam mattress. The second layer is a high-quality, high-density layer designed specifically for support. With these two simple layers of foam, Tuft & Needle breaks down a mattress to its bare necessities for a lot of comfort and a smaller price tag.

The Tuft & Needle mattress, since it does have so few layers and is designed to adapt to the body, is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. It is firm without sacrificing comfort and soft without sacrificing support. This mattress is cheap in a good way and truly has everything you could need from a simple mattress.

The Bottom Line

It is not easy to find the best mattress under $1,000, especially a good, durable mattress. However, these three mattresses proved themselves to be above and beyond what you might expect from a cheaper mattress, and they are great choices for any budget.

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Best Mattress for Heavy People

Best Mattress for Heavy People
Best Mattress for Heavy People

Larger people struggle to find products suited for them that are still affordable, since nearly every industry increases their prices for plus-sized items. With mattresses, you want something supportive but soft to cushion you for a comfortable night’s sleep. So, we at Smarttress chose a few mattresses that would be optimal choices for those who are heavier-set.

What Features Are Needed?

What makes a mattress better for larger individuals? We took a few factors into consideration.

The main need is for one with a strong foundation/support, so that larger people feel secure and supported throughout their sleep, as well as ensuring that the bed can handle the extra weight.

The thickness of the mattress is also important. Since most mattresses have a fair amount of give, it is important to note that thicker mattresses will provide more comfort and stability for heavier people.

Finally, we considered temperature regulation as a factor since those with more body mass tend to run a little warmer and can get uncomfortably hot during the night.

With all of these factors in mind, Smarttress narrowed the list down to two of the best options on the market for larger individuals and couples: the Sapira mattress and the Big Fig mattress.

Sapira Mattress

The Sapira mattress, created by the company Leesa, is a great option all around for many, but it is especially appealing for heavier customers. Though this mattress was not explicitly created for larger individuals, its composition and functionality make it a great choice for those on the larger side. With durable materials and a thicker than average size, the Sapira is soft yet supportive, while remaining strong enough for heavier weight.

  • Foundation/Support

The hybrid nature of the Sapira mattress provides a great foundational support within the mattress. Between the various layers of foam, there is an inner coil spring support system that provides excellent, additional support for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

However, the foam layer on top, while firm, still provides a nice, comfortable softness without feeling as though you are sinking into the mattress itself. This is important for heavier individuals, who need a mattress that will offer enough push-back to provide back-support.

We also found that the Sapira had fantastic edge support, which is also important for heavier individuals to feel secure no matter where they are sleeping on the mattress and to help prevent a sagging edge or even rolling off if one gets to close.

  • Thickness

The Sapira mattress is approximately 11” thick, which is a good middle ground for larger individuals. Many comparable mattresses are around 10” thick, so the extra inch of padding goes a long way with the Sapira. The thickness ensures that even heavier individuals will not feel as though they are “bottoming out.”

  • Temperature Regulation

The first layer of the Sapira mattress is the Leesa brand’s patented cooling Avena foam, specifically designed to prevent heat retention and help air circulate. Leesa has stated that the Sapira mattress is specifically designed for individuals weighing up to 350 pounds, so it is not surprising that they incorporated some cooling technology into the mattress.

Smarttress found that the Avena foam worked really well in keeping a cooler temperature and mostly preventing heat retention, and the cooler feeling helped to create a good night’s rest.

Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig mattress was designed and advertised specifically for bigger people. The care and attention that went into the creation of the Big Fig shows in its functionality, though the one drawback is that it does pull in a slightly larger price tag than some competitors.

However, it also performs far better than many other mattresses designed for “plus sized” people, so the price tag is more than worth the results and a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Foundation/Support

Since it was designed to support a heavier weight, the Big Fig features a 1600 coil foundation, with various layers of memory foam and latex on top to create comfort and softness.

The strongest base layer, which is a high-density foam, makes for great edge support on all sides of the mattress. Furthermore, the layers on top of the base and coils are also high-density, which create a firm but contouring surface to lay on. This is perfect for larger bodies and feels like it hits exactly the rest pressure spots to relieve pain.

Aches are common in heaver individuals, so a firmer mattress with support to hit the good pressure points but that still offers comfort and cushion is what’s needed and Big Fig found the right balance.

  • Thickness

The makers of this mattress knew that it needed to have the right measurements for all around support for larger individuals, so it clocks in at noteworthy 13” thick. This provides not only a solid basis for support among the many different layers of the bed, but also virtually guarantees that you will not feel any “bottoming out” sensation that plus sized people often complain about with mattresses.

As they planned for all of these issues going in, Big Fig knew to make a thicker mattress with a higher density for the perfect support of larger people.

  • Temperature Regulation

Again, Big Fig knew exactly what they were doing. One of the many layers of the mattress is a thermogel layer which prevents heat retention. Additionally, they designed their foam layer with unique air pockets to facilitate air flow to help keep temperatures low.

Smarttress found that the Big Fig achieved this well, with the thermogel layer keeping heat from sticking with the mattress, while the aerated foam allowed air to move through the mattress instead of getting trapped, even with extra weight on the mattress.

Bottom Line

If you are on a tighter budget and weigh 350 pounds or less, the Sapira mattress is a great choice all around.

However, if you can afford to take the leap and get the Big Fig mattress, their overall design was specifically geared towards heavier individuals, including those weighing up to 500 pounds or couples weighing a total of 1000 pounds, and thus we must absolutely acknowledge them as the best mattress for heavy people.

Sleeping is important to your health, no matter what your weight is. Both of these mattresses are a great choice and will give you a great night’s sleep.

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Best Mattress for Sex

Best Mattress for Sex
Best Mattress for Sex

Sex – a favorite bedroom activity for many. If your amorous activities haven’t played a role in your choice of a mattress before now, they probably should. The difference a quality bed can make on your love-making might surprise you.

In the following comparison, Smarttress will do our best to provide a few options for mattresses that would be best for people with active sex lives.

What Qualities to Look For

What are the criteria that make a mattress “good” for sexual activities?

There are a few different factors this Smarttress mattress comparison will consider.

The first important characteristic is responsiveness – how quickly does the mattress react and adapt to your movements? This is ideal for intercourse, since the alternative would feel like the mattress is working against you instead of enhancing the act.

The second thing we took into account was noise. While the “squeaky springs” are a sound all too commonly associated with sex, we can all agree it grates on the nerves and certainly does nothing to help the mood. In fact, often sex is a more discrete act, so a quieter mattress without the squeak is definitely more ideal for lovemaking.

Some other things we considered were the bounce factor, which can make sex more enjoyable and assist instead of hinder, as well as durability. Since sex is such a physical activity, it is truly a test of a mattress’s durability, so you want something that will withstand the test of time and intercourse.

With these in mind, here are the results.

Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is a great choice for couples, as it can be customized to suit your needs. As discussed in our review of the Helix, it has a medium-firm feeling and strong support. The mattress can be customized for preferred feeling, support level based on weight or height, temperature regulation, and pressure points.

The custom options can even be split on your mattress if you and your partner have different preferences, though that may potentially be an issue for intercourse. As it has customizable options, it is somewhat difficult to pin down the exact specifications that would be the best for intercourse, but the customization can also provide exactly what you need for the perfect bed for sex.

  • Responsiveness

With the foam that Helix typically uses in their mattresses, no matter the firmness level based on your customization, you will find a good responsive mattress.

They have a more medium-firm foam that would be perfect, as it contours to the body but does not feel as though you are sinking into the mattress. That sinking sensation can feel like quicksand in a physical situation like sex, so something that feels like being “on” the mattress instead of “in” it is a great balance, and Helix’s customizable options can help you find that.

  • Noise

The Helix beds are usually some combination of memory foam and micro-coils, which are usually covered to prevent a lot of noise or motion transfer. There are no metal springs in a spot that could make noise, and the coils are pressed between layers of foam, which absorb any noise the coils might make, so the Helix stays quiet.

This is obviously ideal for lovemaking, since the mood won’t be broken with the awkward and comical squeak of springs.

  • Durability & Bounce

The slight drawback of the custom mattress, which sounds like a dream come true, is that it is hard to tell exactly how durable your mattress will end up.

Helix uses high quality products and foams to create their mattresses, so it should be a decently long-lasting mattress – although their warranty is only a 10-year warranty, where some competing mattresses offer 20-year warranties.

It is, however, good news for the “bounce” factor – the mattress is not as bouncy as a spring mattress, but it does allow for some bounce back with the micro-coils, depending on the specifications of your mattress.

WinkBed Mattress

The WinkBed mattress is an innerspring hybrid mattress with patented cooling technology to keep you from getting overheated – which is great for sexually active people. It is also available in variety of firmness options, though we recommend the medium firm for sex and comfort – it has the right balance of support and comfort that is great for physical activities.

The other great thing about the WinkBed is the fact that it has the motion of a spring mattress without the excessive squeaking.

  • Responsiveness

Spring beds are often very responsive to action, but they lack the contouring element that people, especially those with back problems, prefer.

But, depending on the firmness level of the WinkBed that you choose, you may find a better responsiveness coupled with the contour action of a foam mattress. The medium-firm – or luxury firm – option has a good amount of contour as well as bounce that would be perfect for some pre-bedtime fun. It conforms to body shapes well without creating the sensation that you are being sucked down into the mattress.

  • Noise

This is the main drawback of the WinkBed – where the Helix is relatively silent in terms of noise from motion, the WinkBed contains more springs and thus is likely to add its voice to your music-making.

However, since the springs are under layers of foam, combined with the noise of the cooling system used by the WinkBed, the noise is mostly absorbed and masked. It is not absolutely silent, but between the noise of the cooling system (which sounds a bit like a modulator fan or a white noise machine, which has been proven to aid in healthy sleep) and the sound absorption of the foam layers, the noise levels are hardly noticeable.

In fact, as spring mattresses are often considered better for sex, the small trade-off is probably worth it.

  • Durability & Bounce

Spring beds are naturally bouncier than foam beds, so the WinkBed has a great bounce to it, but the foam cushioning keeps it from going overboard. The WinkBed is also highly durable and well-crafted, although the brand is on the newer side so it is hard to judge the longevity of it. Based on the materials, though, it should be a great durable option.


Both mattresses have strong and weak points, but it really comes down to what matters most to you in terms of comfort and sexual activity.

If noise of any kind bothers you and you want something with a bit less bounce, the Helix is a wonderful option with custom characteristics. If you prefer a bouncier responsiveness and do not mind a little bit of noise, the WinkBed is fantastic. Either way, these mattresses are great for sexually active people.

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Best Mattress for Couples

Best Mattress for Couples
Best Mattress for Couples

While finding the right mattress for an individual is difficult, it’s doubly so when choosing one for a couple.

Choosing the best mattress can greatly affect you and your partner’s quality of sleep. There is typically no perfect mattress for two different people, so customization is one of the most important things to prioritize when mattress shopping.

Motion isolation, if either one or both people are fidgety sleepers, is another aspect, and heat dissipation and firmness round out our top features to look for. We at Smarttress reviewed three of the top mattresses known for being the best for couples to find the top option.


Helix is an online-only retailer with a truly customizable mattress. Their direct selling methods mean a more affordable mattress as well. Every Helix mattress features their proprietary foam, micro-coils, and polyfoam, but we feel the customization that they offer is the best feature. This is especially beneficial for couples who can easily get overwhelmed when mattress shopping, and who have different sleep needs.

Helix provides a starting point with a simple quiz that gathers information on the sleepers such as height and weight, age and preferred sleeping position, and mattress preferences from soft to firm. What we found neat is that both sides of the Helix mattress can be individually customized. Helix gives the options of either completely separate side options, or a blended mattress option, that constructs a mattress with a happy medium of the couple’s preferences if they’re similar enough.

This is also a win for temperature control. The layering of each side can be changed to provide better airflow, in addition to the help provided by the micro-coil design and their trademark dynamic foam.

The downsides that we found to the Helix are few, but still notable.

If you enjoy the authentic memory foam feel of slowly sink into your mattress, the latex and classic memory foam blend to create it isn’t used in a Helix. Micro-coils and different density foam layers are used instead, which still provide the contour and support, but with more spring back and without leaving you in a hole.

Although the mattress is customizable to a point, it is based on quiz answers. You can talk to a specialist about a potentially better experience, but you can’t pick and choose your features outside of the quiz.

Our last complaint is about its edge support. Couples tend to use all of the bed, but Helix’s edge support isn’t the best, limiting couples to a more center-based design. The use of the foams does help with some motion isolation, which was a plus.

Our full review is available here. The price point of the Helix made it one of our favorites too, as there isn’t anything else with the available options at the same price point.

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf made it next on our list of best beds for couples.

Our favorite Loom and Leaf mattress feature was its motion isolation. For a quality night of sleep, it’s important that you not be woken up by your partner’s fidgeting, or vice versa. Loom and Leaf is the memory foam specific branch of the Saatva Mattress brand.

While Saatva focuses on individually wrapped coil designs, Loom and Leaf delivers higher quality memory foam models. It is also more affordable with direct selling practices. Truly, the motion transfer many couples deal with is almost completely non-existent in this mattress.

Yet, the all memory foam construction still has the responsiveness and bounce to it, to prevent couples from getting stuck in one position. A firm and relaxed firm style of the mattress are available, both of which can help with couples who like to sleep on their sides or backs. Although both styles may feel firm at first, the memory foam will slowly let the sleeper sink in to minimize irritation of pressure points. It both provides support and has enough give to contour to the body.

Unlike many traditional all foam mattresses, the Loom and Leaf are not for those who want a very soft mattress. It does give the nod to the more classic memory foam feel, however. This means that sleepers can feel a little more stuck, although its responsiveness and bounce do help with this. The mattress will help both sleep cool with the integrated air channels that increase airflow, and it has a swirled cooling gel throughout the top memory foam layer.

As an all foam model, if the couple is heavier, this is not a good choice. Its four layers stack up to 12”, but they do compress and have some sinking to them. The edge support of the Loom and Leaf was superb, another difference to traditional memory foam models. The review can be found here.


Out of the three we at Smarttress tested, the Sapira mattress’s edge support was industry leading. This is one of the most supportive designs, featuring a pocketed coil construction that provides the same support to the edges as one would find in the center. This is perfect for couples who need to use all of the bed.

Sapira was formed as the hybrid sister brand of Leesa, which is known for foam construction mattresses. Sapira combines the pressure relief found in a Leesa foam mattress with the long-established support of an inner coil system. Five different layers of foam and their wrapped pocket coils create an 11” mattress that strives to be an all in one answer.

The individually wrapped coils help with providing necessary support while still limiting motion transfer, which is a plus. This is done within the bed’s construction. The coils are in their layer sandwiched between two one inch layers of stabilizing foam. They also help provide airways to help with temperature regulation. Sapira’s top layer is trademarked Cooling Avena Foam so that while couples get the benefits of contouring memory foam, they don’t retain their body heat.

Bottom Line

Although the Sapira mattress and the Loom and Leaf mattress both had very important points, such as support and motion isolation, we feel that the Helix mattress has to be the best for couples. Sharing a bed is a difficult thing because it is incredibly rare for two people to have the same sleeping preferences. Even without being able to pick and choose certain features, the customization of either side for extreme preferences, or the blended mattress option for those with similar preferences put the Helix mattress at the top for the best couple’s mattress.

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Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best Mattress for Back Pain
Best Mattress for Back Pain

When suffering from back pain, most people will try anything to fix it. Many are desperate for a good night’s sleep, which they haven’t been able to enjoy since the pain started.

Although many will try different supports or positions, simply sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress can either worsen pre-existing back pain or even be the cause of it. The proper mattress, which will vary depending on the individual, will help muscles to relax, encourage proper posture during sleep, and help provide a better night of sleep overall.

Contrary to previous thoughts that an extra firm mattress was the answer for those suffering from back pain, research has found that a medium-firm mattress can help alleviate pain. A too firm mattress can provide too much resistance to the spine.

There are three slight curves to the spine: a c-shaped curve in the lower back forms the foundation of the back, a reverse c shape that supports the upper body, and the third c shape that supports the head. What is needed is a mattress that is firm enough to offer support, but has a soft enough layer to cushion and allow for natural sleeping posture.

Often, those with back pain will switch into numerous positions in an attempt to relieve the pain. Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers all require enough support to keep them from sinking into the mattress and getting stuck while having enough given to cradle the body in whatever position it falls asleep in. And, as any couple with one or both fidgety sleepers knows, motion isolation is incredibly important.

The answer to this is a higher quality memory foam or memory foam hybrid mattress. Although they can come with a higher price tag, the quality materials used to construct these mattresses have proven to be the best when trying to relieve back pain.

The varied densities that memory foam comes in have been utilized to create a mattress from super soft to medium firmness. Also, perhaps for those with sharper curves, hybrid memory foam and coil mattress can provide the medium firmness needed. Coil springs are a tried and tested method for support and firmness, while a top layer of memory foam can provide the proper cushion.

We at smartress tested some of the leading brands of high-quality memory foam mattresses, and have found the Helix mattress, Amerisleep’s AS2, and Saatva’s hybrid mattress to be among the best for people dealing with nighttime back pain.


On the newer side, the Helix Sleep Company strives to provide a truly customizable mattress that is more affordable. Helix Sleep is a younger American company, who is working to transform the industry by providing their fully customizable, high-quality mattresses at surprisingly reasonable price.

Every Helix mattress is custom designed and built for the buyer, with just a few questions to answer on their site. They’ll ask about the overall size of the bed, how many sleepers (one or two), and then gather information about the sleepers such as age, weight, height, and sleeping preferences. If there are two sleepers, both sides of the mattress can be customized. If for whatever reason the customized mattress doesn’t meet expectation, their return policy allows for a no-cost return within the 100 night trial period.


Saatva mattresses are created with eco-friendly materials and individually wrapped coils combined with tempered steel coils with the goal to be a luxury mattress at an affordable price.

They achieve their price goal by directly selling to the public. The tempered steel ones are used to prevent sagging during the life of the bed, while the individually wrapped ones are used for contouring. This combination is topped by a Euro pillow top that has a memory foam enhancement in the lumbar area. Their mattresses are also known for their edge support, which is something that solid memory foam mattresses lack.

Saatva mattresses are highly looked to for lumbar pain that is persistent, as well as being one of the top brands recommended by medical specialists such as chiropractors and orthopedics.

Three firmness options are available to cater to individuals who sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs. The firm is used for back and stomach sleepers, while plush soft is an ideal choice for side sleepers, and the luxury firm is a perfect middle of the road option. When dealing with back pain, the luxury firm is the most recommended.

Saatva utilizes white glove delivery service that can cost extra and a trial period of 75 nights. But be aware that if the mattress needs to be returned, the delivery service fee and any of the costs of old mattress removal are not refunded.


As one of the primary brands to supply online mattress shopping, Amerisleep also helps consumers save on a quality mattress by selling direct. Completely US manufactured, their process for creating the foam used in their mattresses is among the most eco-friendly in the world.

Memory foam overall is not known for being an environmentally friendly product, but Amerisleep’s plant-based foams are changing that. They also utilize open cell structure in the foam to help with breathability and offer a 100-night money back guarantee.

The AS2 model they’ve just released pairs a wonderfully supportive base layer and a thicker than average layer of their specialty memory foam to cushion and support. The materials they use promote circulation to keep sleepers cool and the construction of the bed nearly eliminates pressure points.


Saatva has the shortest home trial period at 75 nights and isn’t the most return friendly. Both Helix and Amerisleep rank evenly at a 100-night trial period and free, cost-effective returns.

As would be expected with a more premium mattress, all three of these companies offer lengthier warranties. Amerisleep offers the longest at 20 years and ten years of complete replacement coverage for any defects, while Saatva offers a 15-year warranty with a two-year replacement, and free repair services for the other 13 years. Helix offers the shortest at a ten year warranty. It’s important to keep in mind the kind of foundation that your mattress is kept on, as certain ones can void any of the warranties.

Choosing a queen size for the average, Amerisleep ranks most expensive at $1,299 without any applied discounts, Saatva comes in second at $999, and Helix is a very close third at $995.

Our favorite features were the customization of the Helix, Saatva’s edge and overall support, and the plant-based breathability of Amerisleep’s AS2.

Overall, any of the medium firmness options provided by these three, and their supportive memory foam designs make them the best options to shop for when looking for back pain relief, but Helix’s customization options, especially split side customization, made it our top choice.

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