Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress
Aviya Mattress

Aviya is known as a high-quality mattress provider that offers luxury mattresses that are affordable. It supposedly provides extreme comfort and dynamic support. We are here to prove whether their mattress lives up to the claims.

Starting more than 75 years ago in the mattress industry, Aviya is a family business that has lasted through the generations. They have supposedly mastered the development and creation of a high-quality mattress with innovative features, making them a leader in the mattress industry.

As a company, they understand that the process of buying a mattress can be confusing and overwhelming. When you go into stores, salespeople try to push certain brands which can be annoying.

Shopping online can be even more overwhelming thanks to the range of options. Many of the mattresses that you’ll find online are foam-only, which tend to sleep hot, smell bad, and do not have that luxurious feel that many people look for in their bed.

Aviya looks to go above and beyond the regular mattress that you would find online for the same price or better. As a company, they have built themselves up to be a competitor in their marketplace and continue to deliver on their promise of luxurious products at low prices.

We’ve also found that the company’s customer service is impeccable, helping their customers whenever needed. While they have great customer service, it does not mean their product lacks in any one or the other.

Our following Aviya mattress review will provide the description, feature details, and pros and cons you need to learn more about this excellent mattress and determine if it is the right one for you.

Product Description

The Aviya mattress is a foam and innerspring mattress that was created and manufactured to provide comfort with a high-quality innerspring coil system that is made of wrapped steel and dynamic support. Their mattress is built with three layers composed of polyurethane foam cushioning that is high-density, which is considered upholstery grade.

The layers include a 1” layer that is expertly quilted and combined with 1” foam with cooling comfort, a 1” layer of foam made for comfort that doesn’t sag, another 1” layer of foam for support, and a 3” edging made of foam so that your mattress feels larger and more comfortable.

Aviya also constructs their mattresses with a premium base for stability which contributes to its unique hybrid design.

Product Features

The features we want to highlight in our Aviya mattress review are:

  • Construction – Aviya is a hybrid mattress with an adjustable base, foundation, platform bed, and solid surface. The construction of the mattress is done to give it a luxurious feeling and is done so that it has 12” of height. The foam used inside the mattress is polyurethane blended with soy.
  • Firmness – If firmness was put on a 10-point scale, with 10 being the firmest option, Aviya’s mattress would be about a 6 to a 6.5. This is determined by your sleeping position and weight considered.The middle point caters to the biggest range of individual needs, and they offer firm versions for those who want it. Thanks to its construction and firmness, there is minimal cradling effect when you lie on top of it.
  • Motion Transfer – While utilizing foam in memory foam beds and using it with inner springs, an Aviya mattress allow only minimal motion transfer so that those sharing the bed won’t hardly notice their bed-mate moving. This feature can be big for light sleepers who share their space.
  • Edge Support – Other brands tend to use boxes to ship their beds, which can often cause issues with edge reinforcement. However, since Aviya delivers their beds themselves, the edge support is intact because it is not compressed and is built with a reinforced layer.The edge support is composed of 3” foam, which holds no matter if you’re lying or sitting on the edge. This allows you to use more of the surface area of your bed and allows you to sit on the edge while putting on shoes and socks more easily.
  • Product and Price Range – Aviya offers their mattress in six sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The price for the mattress varies depending on the size. The Twin size is $699 and the price increases all the way to $1,299 for the California King.
  • Warranty – Aviya offers their customers a 10-year warranty that starts the date it’s delivered to your home, protecting you from any mechanical defects or body impressions that are deeper than 1”.
  • Lifespan – The lifespan of an Aviya mattress lasts longer than its competitors as it combines the highest quality of materials. The combination of the foam and springs makes a unique hybrid design that not only gives you comfort and support but endurance and durability as well.


  • Aviya uses eco-friendly production processes, materials, and components that Certi-PUR certified.
  • They offer three delivery methods which allow customers to choose which option is the best for their situation: personal timetable and budget.
  • They offer a 100-night sleep trial without a break-in period. Many other mattress companies require their customers to try out their mattress for 30 days or more before they’re eligible for a refund on the product.


  • The firmness levels that they offer may be too narrow for some people. The mattresses they offer range in their firmness levels from a 5 to a 7.5. In other words, medium firm to firm which isn’t ideal for those who enjoy a softer mattress.
  • Their mattresses are only available for online purchase at their website and nowhere else, which can be inconvenient for some people.

The Bottom Line

Overall, our Aviya mattress review process found this mattress to be very appealing thanks to its attractive, affordable price on a premium product, satisfying consumers with all kinds of budgets. The innovative hybrid design paired with the high-quality Marshall innerspring coil system truly set Aviya’s mattresses apart from their competitors.

Besides its sleep trial, 10-year warranty, easy refund and return policy, white glove services, and 75 years of expertise in the industry, the mattress provides great comfort and many benefits to its users.

Their products can absorb motion with ease, causing zero disruption to your partner’s sleep. Their products are made in the USA with eco-friendly, high-quality material.

We at Smarttress have tested this quality and believe that it’s a very good purchase.

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