Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress
Avocado Mattress

When we here at Smarttress decided to try out and write up an Avocado Mattress review, we couldn’t help but giggle at the name. In recent years, “avocado” is such a major buzzword within health communities and boasts superfood status, making it a shining symbol of green living and emphasis on wellbeing.

After putting this Avocado Mattress through the ringer, we think it thoroughly lives up to its name. For one, the company behind this one-of-a-kind mattress handmakes these eco-conscious beds in the avocado state itself: California. With an amazing emphasis on total wellbeing and environmental impact, this mattress truly is a great eco-friendly, green option for the person who needs a little extra support while sleeping but still wants to feel good about how their choice is impacting the environment.

Avocado Mattress Product Description

There are lots of components that set the Avocado Mattress apart from other mattresses on the market, but one of the main aspects we noticed was the extreme care the Avocado team put into the delivery of the mattress to us. While many online mattresses come smashed into tattered small boxes, this one was artfully packed into a large brown box the size and shape of the mattress itself. That means that the mattress is never contorted into odd shapes that can potentially damage the integrity of its inner support system. The company even gives clients the option for a full set-up by a skilled crew, leaving all the hard work to the team and allowing you to relax. All this was an amazing start to our experience of the Avocado Mattress and set the tone of care and intentionality that persevered throughout our testing.

Once unboxed, this mattress is a sturdy product made using all natural, organic materials and no chemical adhesives. Just by looking at the mattress, we could tell it was unlike anything we’ve seen. With a slight–yet pleasant–green hue, this product is made with no unnecessary bleaches and perfectly symbolizing the eco-friendly mission of the company. You can immediately see the buttons through the cover material that secure the mattress layers with the use of wool yarn instead of chemical adhesives. And with a variety of upgrade options offered by the company, this premium Avocado mattress can be tailored to fit your specific bodily needs for lasting comfort and excellent sleep.

Highlighted Product Features

We at Smarttress discovered a lot of things we loved as we carried out our Avocado Mattress review, but there are a handful of specific features that are worth giving extra attention:

  • High Quality Materials:The Avocado Mattress doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality. Constructed completely of organic materials such as cotton, wool, and natural latex, this product fully embodies the eco-conscious commitment of the company behind it.
  • Pillow Top Option: One of the customizable user options is adding a pillow top cover layer on the Avocado Mattress. Made of 100% natural Joma® New Zealand Wool, the natural fiber of the pillow top layer has excellent breathability and allows heat to transfer to help regulate body temperature while you sleep. It’s perfect if you like a softer, plushy cushion while you sleep.
  • Layers of Latex for Balanced Firmness: Under the pillow top, there are three distinct layers of natural Dunlop latex that all have different levels of firmness; one soft, one medium, and one medium firm. This provides excellent support to users while never compromising comfort.
  • Inner Spring for Optimal Buoyancy: A hefty layer of innerspring coils supports the rest of the mattress using industry-leading technique. Made entirely from recycled steel, the springs feature three strategic zones and a reinforced perimeter. Because the coils are all independent from one another, they encourage spinal alignment and airflow.
  • Specific Zones for Comfort and Support: There are three specifically designed zones within the Avocado Mattress to provide optimal support to your lumbar, pelvic, and shoulder areas. The lumbar area gives extra firmness to support your back, while the other zones are softer for comfort.


Our Avocado mattress review team thinks the following are the biggest pros and cons that consumers should know about:

  • Excellent Edge Support: While you may not always sleep on the very edges of your bed, you probably find yourself sitting there throughout the day. And unlike many mattresses that neglect support in the outer areas, this one has excellent support throughout.
  • Great Motion Isolation: If you sleep with a partner, it’s important that a mattress can hold up to movement without stirring the other person in bed. Even with the innersprings, our tests proved that there is excellent motion isolation in this mattress.
  • Because this mattress is so supportive and firm, it’s great for heavier users who need that extra support to get in a good night’s rest.
  • Unlike most chemical-ridden mattresses, the Avocado Mattress did not have any residual foul scent when we opened it due to its all-natural materials. Because it’s so breathable, unpleasant smells don’t easily become trapped inside the mattress either. Plus, you can rest assured that your natural mattress is not causing any bodily harm as it off-gasses.
  • There is a 100-day trial period and quality assurance guaranteed, so users have plenty of time to try out the mattress and see if it’s a good fit for their lives.


  • While incredibly supportive, this mattress may not be the best fit for those who want a softer sleeping experience. It tended towards a firmer side that some of us at Smarttress loved and others couldn’t quite adjust to.
  • Although it was a minimal issue, a few members of our Smarttress team were able to feel the buttons on the top cover of the mattress throughout the night poking into certain pressure points. This was easily amended by adjusting position or adding an extra layer of cushion, but it may be frustrating for some sensitive users.
  • Like most natural mattresses, the price point is slightly higher than that of traditional mattresses. But as far as natural products go, the Avocado Mattress team cuts down on overhead costs by selling their mattresses directly to customers from their factory so in the end it is an incredibly affordable natural mattress.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Avocado Mattress is an excellent product that we here at Smarttress are happy to endorse. While the level of firmness may not be the perfect fit for everyone, the comfort and support this mattress provides, along with the assurance of years of eco-friendly sleep, make the Avocado Mattress an excellent product.

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