Bear Mattress Review

Bear Mattress
Bear Mattress

Choosing a new mattress seems to be a simple choice when first approached, but upon further search, it is clear that there are a large number of highly important factors that affect the quality of sleep provided by each mattress. Anything from material type to thickness can heavily influence the sleeping patterns of the owner of each mattress.

With the consistent advances in research into sleep and human health, it is no surprise that techniques and technology created to increase the quality of night sleep are on the rise. Myriad medical research centres and other online health sources such as indicate the importance of a good night’s sleep to support day to day functioning, as well as the importance of a good mattress or sleep surface in obtaining a quality night sleep.

The Bear Mattress draws heavily upon research into sleep quality and health sciences, but rather than take the company’s word for it, we decided to test it ourselves and give you the results in this Bear mattress review. We found the Bear mattress utilizes recent findings about how best to ensure quality restful sleep to influence new methodologies and techniques of mattress construction, making great strides in the industry and emerging as an industry leader.

Not only does this highly anticipated mattress take into account sleep science when investing in new techniques and technologies, but it also heavily prioritizes environmental friendliness in its material choice decisions.

The Bear Mattress promises a significant increase in the quality of sleep of each and every client upon purchase and usage, and the company makes good on this promise by offering a wide return window and a ten-year limited warranty. These both speak to the prioritization that this company gives to all of their clients.

Product Description

With investments in the newest innovations in the science of a healthy night sleep, the Bear Mattress consists of five breathable layers. This allows the mattress to fully maximize on its functionality.

The first layer is a breathable Celliant Cover. Celliant is perhaps the most exciting quality of this mattress, as it has been clinically tested and clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels. Athletes and anyone in a job that requires being on your feet all day can see significant health benefits through the use of this infrared yarn material.

Below this ground breaking Celliant cover is a layer designed for comfort and coolness throughout the night. The cooling graphite-gel memory foam allows any and all body types to simply melt into the mattress, fitting to their exact shape. To prevent the common phenomena of overheating or sweating in the night typical to memory foam, this layer utilizes graphite-gel infused material to rid the mattress of trapped body heat and allow for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.

Below this are two layers designed specifically to assist purchasers with muscle pain or joint pressure. The third layer of responsive comfort foam allows for a little give and take, and a satisfying bounce.

The layer just below that ensures relief from muscular pain or soreness caused by sleeping uncomfortably during the night. It utilizes transitional performance foam to do this, which feels great to sink into after a particularly difficult workout or a long day at the office. Athletes especially can feel major changes in physical comfort and wellbeing after sleeping on this mattress for even a short period of time.

The last and lowest layer of this innovative new mattress is designed to provide support and durability throughout the night as well as over the years. The high-density support foam is scientifically tested to hold its ground over time, not sagging or breaking under pressure or after years of usage.

The myriad of highly effective materials combined in the construction of this mattress are a testament to the commitment this company has to ensuring a healthy, quality night of sleep for each and every client.

The Bear Mattress promises a significant increase in the quality of sleep of each and every client upon purchase and usage. This mattress is highly lauded by various companies and individual purchasers. After our own Bear mattress review here at Smarttress, we found that the Bear Mattress certainly lives up to the hype. Not only that, but we loved that it is CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring full environmental consciousness. It is made without the use of formaldehyde or ozone depleting materials, allowing for a fully eco-friendly product.

Product Features

  • Pressure mapping
  • Celliant woven cover with infrared light technology
  • Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam
  • Spinal alignment optimization
  • Responsive layer for bounce
  • Transition layer for muscle relief
  • Long-lasting durability ensured by high-density support foam


  • Full body support: the multiple layers as well as athlete tested materials aim to support and allow for the healing of muscles and other aches and pains for a variety of different body types. Mattresses like these are also a great preventative measure as often times soreness and muscle pain begins from sleeping on a limb the wrong way overnight.
  • Cooler sleep: with rapid innovations in the use of graphite-gel, this mattress is able to fully use its entire second layer of material to make for a more breathable, cooler night sleep. This mechanism is incredibly effective in preventing overheating due to the accumulation of body heat in the mattress materials during the night.


  • Surface texture: This mattress provides full body support as well as comfort, but offers little customizability when it comes to firmness or a number of other qualities. Those needing a mattress that can be customized might be happier with a different model.

Buy the Bear Mattress for a Better Sleep Today!

In our Bear mattress review, we discovered the Bear Mattress certainly prioritizes research-based innovations in mattress construction, causing it to rise as one of the most influential new providers of sleep materials in the industry. Full details of mattress pricing and sizes, which range from twin to full to California king can be found on their website at This mattress can be easily purchased over the phone or online with just a few clicks of a button.

The hundred-day return policy as well as a ten-year limited warranty make trying out the Bear Mattress incredibly easy and cost-effective. Bear wants to ensure that each and every client purchases the mattress that is right for them and their situation, which is why they do their best to make the purchasing and returning process as easy and stress-free for clients as possible.

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