Best Cooling Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress
Best Cooling Mattress

Buying a new mattress can be a pain and searching online to find any sort of reliable source of information can be impossible with each mattress company suggesting that their brand is the best for everything.

Sometimes going to a mattress store can make trying mattresses easy, but usually it’s a long excursion wtih a sales person circling like a vulture to upsell the buyer and encourage them to make a purchase they might end up regretting.

Thankfully, Smarttress helps to find and share important information about which mattresses are the best for what the buyer is looking for.

Finding the Best Cooling Mattresses

Since one of the biggest issues that many sleepers have is over-heating during the night, we’ve decided to investigate which mattresses are best for their cooling qualities. There have been many studies that suggest sleeping at certain temperatures can either help or hinder sleep. Many mattresses unfortunately trap the sleeper’s body heat, elevating them to uncomfortable temperatures that result in restless, sweat-soaked sleep.

But now, many mattresses have implemented different kinds of technology to help them stay cool and create the perfect environment for restfulness. Some mattress companies have developed cooling covers to help keep the mattress cool, while others have adapted their memory foam or base layers so that the part that would usually retain heat can circulate air and keep cool.

Since so many mattresses now have these cooling elements, it’s difficult to find the best without proper information. That’s what we here at Smartress are here for. We’ve tested and researched lots of mattresses to find the best at cooling.

So, without further ado, here are our results:

Option #1: The GhostBed

One of the very best mattress brand for a cool night’s rest is the GhostBed mattress. Though the mattress uses memory foam, which usually stores heat, and can be uncomfortable if used without a cooling cover, the GhostBed has a top layer of latex foam that won’t retain body heat, but which still provides a soft plush feel for a comfortable night rest.

The layer of latex foam is aerated and one and a half inches think to help prevent the memory foam from retaining any heat. It also has a firm base layer, to help cradle and support during sleep. Even the memory foam, which is usually a material that retains a lot of heat, has been adapted to have larger cells, so that less heat energy is stored, and the center of the mattress stays cool, as well as the top latex foam layer.

The GhostBed Mattress also incorporates a sleep optimized gel to ensure long and restful R.E.M. sleep during the night.

An additional perk that many will be pleased with is that the GhostBed Mattress brand is made entirely within the United States. The mattress comes in six different sizes, so that every sleeper’s needs can be met.

Option #2: The Loom and Leaf

Another one of our favorites best for a cool night’s rest is the Loom and Leaf Mattress ( The Loom and Leaf Mattresses have four layers and each plays a part in keeping the mattress cool and comfortable.

The top layer is made of organic cotton, which is a naturally breathable fabric that has plenty of airflow. The top layer is also flame retardant, which is a great perk that not many other mattresses offer.

The second layer is made of a cooling gel, that keeps the mattress at the perfect temperature while also offering spinal support.

The third layer is memory foam designed so as to provide a cooling effect and has the added benefit of no off-gassing due to the more natural materials it is made with.

The fourth and bottom layer is the primary support of the mattress and is made of foam that has a breathable airflow to help the mattress store minimal heat, while also conforming to the natural curves of the body to support pressure areas and alleviate stress on the body during rest.

The Loom and Leaf Mattress is also one of the eco-friendly mattresses, so buyers can feel good while they buy it, as well as rest easy knowing their contributing to conservation. They also offer a 120-day trial of their mattress, which is longer than the GhostBed’s trial period of 101 days. The Loom and Leaf Mattress also compatible with an adjustable base, which the other two best cooling mattresses are not.

Option #3: The Leesa Mattress

Another bed that is considered one of the best at providing a cool night rest is the Leesa Mattress. The Leesa Mattress has three layers, which is less than both the GhostBed and the Loom and Leaf, but the Leesa Mattress still manages to get great reviews when it comes to its coolness and comfort level.

The top layer is a cooling foam which helps to aerate the mattress and keep the top cool even on warm nights. The second layer is memory foam, which contours to the body, and keeps the sleeper comfortable. The third layer is made of dense foam, to help support the weight of the sleeper, and give them the spinal support they need to have a long and restful sleep.

Though the Leesa Mattress has only one cooling layer, it is rated among the top in terms of cooling ability, largely due to the fact that it has only three layers, which means less materials to cause the heat to get trapped.

The Leesa Mattress can be tried for up to 100 days, which is the shortest trial period of the three, but is not much less than either of the other mattress trial periods. The Leesa is also the smallest of the mattresses in height comparison, but reviews state that it is the same quality, and some like it even better than other cooling mattresses.

Bottom Line

Though memory foam mattresses are ranking as the most popular mattress choice, they can become too warm to sleep on and make even cool nights hot and sweaty. With so many new studies coming out that say that sleeping in cooler temperatures is the best way to sleep, finding the perfect mattress that is both comfy as well as cool is a nearly impossible.

Though the Leesa Mattress, the GhostBed Mattress, and the Loom and Leaf Mattress are the best at cooling, finding the best bed for each person sometimes takes trial and error. Fortunately, these highly rated mattresses provide you the opportunity to try them out with their 100-plus day trials, so don’t be afraid – go online and order one to try out to make your nights cool and peaceful.

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