Best Luxury Mattress

Best Luxury Mattress
Best Luxury Mattress

Going to mattress store after mattress store can be a fun activity at the start, but after hours of obnoxious sales people trying to pressure your decision making, it can become a hassle. Sales people will give vague answers and even misinformation about products to try and up sell mattresses as quickly as they can and getting a good product can be hit or miss.

Thankfully, with online shopping and shipping, buying a mattress from the comfort of home is easy. Since quality mattress companies offer generous trial periods, you don’t have to be afraid of not trying it out in stores first, either.

The only problem is that companies all try and advertise their product as the best, so finding exactly the mattress you want can still be a struggle. Each mattress is different and every company develops different ways to give their mattress a competitive advantage in the mattress market.

But that’s what we at Smartress are here for. We test the mattresses and compare and contrast them for you and share our results so that buying a mattress becomes as easy as any other purchase.

On today’s agenda, we want to review what we believe to be the very best of the “luxury” mattress category.

Option #1: The DreamCloud Mattress

Of all the different luxury mattresses on the market, one of the best is the DreamCloud Mattress. Even the name oozes with luxury.

The DreamCloud Mattress is topped with a cashmere blend, which ensures a soft and silky top guaranteed to last for years.

While most mattresses have three to five layers, the DreamCloud Mattress has eight. The top layer is cashmere cover, which is soft to the touch. The second layer is a combination of gel and memory foam, which helps the mattress conform to the body, while still remaining cool. The third layer is also memory foam, but it is quilted to make the mattress even softer. The fourth is a layer of latex which helps give the mattress a bit of bounce. After that, the fifth and sixth layers are two different kinds of memory foam.

The seventh layer is made up of coils, which give the proper support to help create the perfect environment for a restful night’s sleep. Though many mattresses have moved away from coils and springs, micro coils are a newer technology that make for a great support system while still being incredibly comfy.

The eighth and final layer is made of high density memory foam, which acts as a firm base to support the other materials, and make the bed soft and comfortable, while making sure that you don’t sink into it like a down mattress. The DreamCloud Mattress also has the option of a year trial period, and if purchased, has a forever warranty.

Option #2: The Avocado Mattress

Our next top pick for luxury rating is the Avocado Mattress. The Avocado Mattress is made of several layers constructed primarily of cotton to make it soft and anti-microbial, a latex rubber to give a soft and cool layer, wool to regulate temperatures and wick away moisture, and support coils to help give proper spinal support, and ensure a night that won’t leave you with back pain.

Unlike most mattresses, the Avocado Mattress uses latex rubber as a substitute for memory foam, which is just as soft, and has none of the bad heat trapping qualities that many kinds of memory foam have.

Another thing that makes the Avocado Mattress stand out is that it is made with natural and organic materials, and everything in it has been taken from or recycled from eco-friendly sources. Many companies will claim that they’re mattress is eco-friendly simply because they use a small layer of foam or wool, but the Avocado Mattress is made entirely from safe and healthy sustainable resources. They also have a trial period of 100 nights, which is less than the DreamCloud, but also has free shipping and a twenty-five-year warranty.

Though the Avocado Mattress is entirely sustainable, it is no less luxurious than other mattresses. We at Smartress tried it out, and we loved how comfortable it was, while also resting easy because of the eco-friendly nature of the product.

Option #3: The Sapira Mattress

Last, but not least, on our luxury mattresses overview is the Sapira Mattress. The Sapira Mattress has five layers, which is less than both of the other two luxury mattresses, but it still managed to beat out many other mattresses in the competition of “luxury mattress.”

Its first layer is cooling foam, that adds bounce to the mattress while also keeping it cool. The second layer is memory foam, which cradles the body. The third layer is a firmer foam, to help make sure the bed isn’t too plush and non-supportive. The fourth layer is made up of coils to help support the body and give the user the core support they need for a restful night’s sleep. The last layer is a similar layer to the third, which is also made up of firm foam to help the mattress support and cradle the user into the perfect night’s sleep.

This mattress, similar to the other two, also uses coils to give a comforting support, which has become one of the most popular mattress technologies to be used in more luxurious mattresses. Like the Avocado Mattress, the Sapira also has a 100-night trial, but has a smaller warranty period of ten years as opposed to the other two, which are both considerably longer.

Bottom Line

Though finding a luxury mattress used to be a challenge, looking ambling around a store with limited stock is no longer necessary. The top luxury mattresses are now simple to find and compare online, right here at Smarttress.

Though the three reviewed above range widely in price, each of the three mattresses have their pros and cons. The DreamCloud Mattress certainly goes above and beyond in its efforts to create luxury with so many layers, each contributing to make restfulness the top priority.

The Avocado Mattress is just as luxurious, but is extremely sustainable, so for an environmentally minded buyer, it is certainly going to stand out as one of the best.

The Sapira also has its perks, and though it provides fewer layers, it still manages to be one of the most luxurious, and the technology used in it to support and cool are certainly nothing to scoff at.

Thankfully, making the decision is easy with each different mattress trial period, so that buyers don’t have to worry about purchasing something they don’t want, or something that eventually end up regretting! So why wait? Luxurious, restful sleep awaits!

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