Best Mattress for Couples

Best Mattress for Couples
Best Mattress for Couples

While finding the right mattress for an individual is difficult, it’s doubly so when choosing one for a couple.

Choosing the best mattress can greatly affect you and your partner’s quality of sleep. There is typically no perfect mattress for two different people, so customization is one of the most important things to prioritize when mattress shopping.

Motion isolation, if either one or both people are fidgety sleepers, is another aspect, and heat dissipation and firmness round out our top features to look for. We at Smarttress reviewed three of the top mattresses known for being the best for couples to find the top option.


Helix is an online-only retailer with a truly customizable mattress. Their direct selling methods mean a more affordable mattress as well. Every Helix mattress features their proprietary foam, micro-coils, and polyfoam, but we feel the customization that they offer is the best feature. This is especially beneficial for couples who can easily get overwhelmed when mattress shopping, and who have different sleep needs.

Helix provides a starting point with a simple quiz that gathers information on the sleepers such as height and weight, age and preferred sleeping position, and mattress preferences from soft to firm. What we found neat is that both sides of the Helix mattress can be individually customized. Helix gives the options of either completely separate side options, or a blended mattress option, that constructs a mattress with a happy medium of the couple’s preferences if they’re similar enough.

This is also a win for temperature control. The layering of each side can be changed to provide better airflow, in addition to the help provided by the micro-coil design and their trademark dynamic foam.

The downsides that we found to the Helix are few, but still notable.

If you enjoy the authentic memory foam feel of slowly sink into your mattress, the latex and classic memory foam blend to create it isn’t used in a Helix. Micro-coils and different density foam layers are used instead, which still provide the contour and support, but with more spring back and without leaving you in a hole.

Although the mattress is customizable to a point, it is based on quiz answers. You can talk to a specialist about a potentially better experience, but you can’t pick and choose your features outside of the quiz.

Our last complaint is about its edge support. Couples tend to use all of the bed, but Helix’s edge support isn’t the best, limiting couples to a more center-based design. The use of the foams does help with some motion isolation, which was a plus.

Our full review is available here. The price point of the Helix made it one of our favorites too, as there isn’t anything else with the available options at the same price point.

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf made it next on our list of best beds for couples.

Our favorite Loom and Leaf mattress feature was its motion isolation. For a quality night of sleep, it’s important that you not be woken up by your partner’s fidgeting, or vice versa. Loom and Leaf is the memory foam specific branch of the Saatva Mattress brand.

While Saatva focuses on individually wrapped coil designs, Loom and Leaf delivers higher quality memory foam models. It is also more affordable with direct selling practices. Truly, the motion transfer many couples deal with is almost completely non-existent in this mattress.

Yet, the all memory foam construction still has the responsiveness and bounce to it, to prevent couples from getting stuck in one position. A firm and relaxed firm style of the mattress are available, both of which can help with couples who like to sleep on their sides or backs. Although both styles may feel firm at first, the memory foam will slowly let the sleeper sink in to minimize irritation of pressure points. It both provides support and has enough give to contour to the body.

Unlike many traditional all foam mattresses, the Loom and Leaf are not for those who want a very soft mattress. It does give the nod to the more classic memory foam feel, however. This means that sleepers can feel a little more stuck, although its responsiveness and bounce do help with this. The mattress will help both sleep cool with the integrated air channels that increase airflow, and it has a swirled cooling gel throughout the top memory foam layer.

As an all foam model, if the couple is heavier, this is not a good choice. Its four layers stack up to 12”, but they do compress and have some sinking to them. The edge support of the Loom and Leaf was superb, another difference to traditional memory foam models. The review can be found here.


Out of the three we at Smarttress tested, the Sapira mattress’s edge support was industry leading. This is one of the most supportive designs, featuring a pocketed coil construction that provides the same support to the edges as one would find in the center. This is perfect for couples who need to use all of the bed.

Sapira was formed as the hybrid sister brand of Leesa, which is known for foam construction mattresses. Sapira combines the pressure relief found in a Leesa foam mattress with the long-established support of an inner coil system. Five different layers of foam and their wrapped pocket coils create an 11” mattress that strives to be an all in one answer.

The individually wrapped coils help with providing necessary support while still limiting motion transfer, which is a plus. This is done within the bed’s construction. The coils are in their layer sandwiched between two one inch layers of stabilizing foam. They also help provide airways to help with temperature regulation. Sapira’s top layer is trademarked Cooling Avena Foam so that while couples get the benefits of contouring memory foam, they don’t retain their body heat.

Bottom Line

Although the Sapira mattress and the Loom and Leaf mattress both had very important points, such as support and motion isolation, we feel that the Helix mattress has to be the best for couples. Sharing a bed is a difficult thing because it is incredibly rare for two people to have the same sleeping preferences. Even without being able to pick and choose certain features, the customization of either side for extreme preferences, or the blended mattress option for those with similar preferences put the Helix mattress at the top for the best couple’s mattress.

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