Best Mattress for Heavy People

Best Mattress for Heavy People
Best Mattress for Heavy People

Larger people struggle to find products suited for them that are still affordable, since nearly every industry increases their prices for plus-sized items. With mattresses, you want something supportive but soft to cushion you for a comfortable night’s sleep. So, we at Smarttress chose a few mattresses that would be optimal choices for those who are heavier-set.

What Features Are Needed?

What makes a mattress better for larger individuals? We took a few factors into consideration.

The main need is for one with a strong foundation/support, so that larger people feel secure and supported throughout their sleep, as well as ensuring that the bed can handle the extra weight.

The thickness of the mattress is also important. Since most mattresses have a fair amount of give, it is important to note that thicker mattresses will provide more comfort and stability for heavier people.

Finally, we considered temperature regulation as a factor since those with more body mass tend to run a little warmer and can get uncomfortably hot during the night.

With all of these factors in mind, Smarttress narrowed the list down to two of the best options on the market for larger individuals and couples: the Sapira mattress and the Big Fig mattress.

Sapira Mattress

The Sapira mattress, created by the company Leesa, is a great option all around for many, but it is especially appealing for heavier customers. Though this mattress was not explicitly created for larger individuals, its composition and functionality make it a great choice for those on the larger side. With durable materials and a thicker than average size, the Sapira is soft yet supportive, while remaining strong enough for heavier weight.

  • Foundation/Support

The hybrid nature of the Sapira mattress provides a great foundational support within the mattress. Between the various layers of foam, there is an inner coil spring support system that provides excellent, additional support for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

However, the foam layer on top, while firm, still provides a nice, comfortable softness without feeling as though you are sinking into the mattress itself. This is important for heavier individuals, who need a mattress that will offer enough push-back to provide back-support.

We also found that the Sapira had fantastic edge support, which is also important for heavier individuals to feel secure no matter where they are sleeping on the mattress and to help prevent a sagging edge or even rolling off if one gets to close.

  • Thickness

The Sapira mattress is approximately 11” thick, which is a good middle ground for larger individuals. Many comparable mattresses are around 10” thick, so the extra inch of padding goes a long way with the Sapira. The thickness ensures that even heavier individuals will not feel as though they are “bottoming out.”

  • Temperature Regulation

The first layer of the Sapira mattress is the Leesa brand’s patented cooling Avena foam, specifically designed to prevent heat retention and help air circulate. Leesa has stated that the Sapira mattress is specifically designed for individuals weighing up to 350 pounds, so it is not surprising that they incorporated some cooling technology into the mattress.

Smarttress found that the Avena foam worked really well in keeping a cooler temperature and mostly preventing heat retention, and the cooler feeling helped to create a good night’s rest.

Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig mattress was designed and advertised specifically for bigger people. The care and attention that went into the creation of the Big Fig shows in its functionality, though the one drawback is that it does pull in a slightly larger price tag than some competitors.

However, it also performs far better than many other mattresses designed for “plus sized” people, so the price tag is more than worth the results and a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Foundation/Support

Since it was designed to support a heavier weight, the Big Fig features a 1600 coil foundation, with various layers of memory foam and latex on top to create comfort and softness.

The strongest base layer, which is a high-density foam, makes for great edge support on all sides of the mattress. Furthermore, the layers on top of the base and coils are also high-density, which create a firm but contouring surface to lay on. This is perfect for larger bodies and feels like it hits exactly the rest pressure spots to relieve pain.

Aches are common in heaver individuals, so a firmer mattress with support to hit the good pressure points but that still offers comfort and cushion is what’s needed and Big Fig found the right balance.

  • Thickness

The makers of this mattress knew that it needed to have the right measurements for all around support for larger individuals, so it clocks in at noteworthy 13” thick. This provides not only a solid basis for support among the many different layers of the bed, but also virtually guarantees that you will not feel any “bottoming out” sensation that plus sized people often complain about with mattresses.

As they planned for all of these issues going in, Big Fig knew to make a thicker mattress with a higher density for the perfect support of larger people.

  • Temperature Regulation

Again, Big Fig knew exactly what they were doing. One of the many layers of the mattress is a thermogel layer which prevents heat retention. Additionally, they designed their foam layer with unique air pockets to facilitate air flow to help keep temperatures low.

Smarttress found that the Big Fig achieved this well, with the thermogel layer keeping heat from sticking with the mattress, while the aerated foam allowed air to move through the mattress instead of getting trapped, even with extra weight on the mattress.

Bottom Line

If you are on a tighter budget and weigh 350 pounds or less, the Sapira mattress is a great choice all around.

However, if you can afford to take the leap and get the Big Fig mattress, their overall design was specifically geared towards heavier individuals, including those weighing up to 500 pounds or couples weighing a total of 1000 pounds, and thus we must absolutely acknowledge them as the best mattress for heavy people.

Sleeping is important to your health, no matter what your weight is. Both of these mattresses are a great choice and will give you a great night’s sleep.

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