Best Mattress for Kids

Best Mattress for Kids

Shopping for your kid’s mattress may seem like a painless and simple process, but you need to make sure that you’re choosing a mattress that is most appropriate for your child’s needs. Kids grow up fast. Often times, faster than the parents want or expect. Since we only want the best for our children, you want to start establishing good sleep patterns early with your children that will help them later in life.

The most important reason to get a good mattress for your child is that your child’s habits change with their age. Mattress shopping requires the consideration of a large number of different features that can affect your kid’s sleeping comfort. Here at Smarttress, we’ll give you insider tips on the best mattress for kids.

Quality and Comfort

When searching for a mattress for your child, you want to consider whether or not your kid experiences poor sleeping habits, soreness, or any other uncomfortable issue related to sleep. If they do experience any of these issues, then you can assume it’s from their old mattress being of poor quality.

Oftentimes, parents will give their kids hand-me-downs or cheaper mattresses that tend to be the underlying cause of sleeping problems and health issues. Getting a better fitting mattress is obviously the solution, and spending a little more money is worth it in the long run. When a young boy or girl sleeps in an uncomfortable bed, they develop sleeping issues at an early age. You can stop this from happening by purchasing a mattress that will give your child an easy night’s rest.

Getting high-quality sleep is extremely vital to the health of your child. Sleep quality affects mood level, school performance, and other factors that are correlated. It all boils down to good sleep leads to good kids.


Comfort and support are often seen as factors that are one and the same or at least related, but the truth is that they’re completely different aspects of a mattress. When a mattress has good support, it helps the sleeper maintain their spinal alignment. On the other hand, comfort is more subjective and deals with your kid’s preference of firmness and feel.

If your kid’s mattress has insufficient support, then your child may suffer from negative effects on their health and inhibitions to their natural growth. You child’s mattress should always support their growth as they get older.

While you’ll have the majority of influence on the mattress your child gets when they’re younger, you should have them engage more as they get older. They know better than you how they’re sleeping. As they get more involved, you want to ensure that they know that some mattresses are more suited for certain sleeping positions, some models more suited for support, and others more suited for comfort.

Your Budget

Buying mattresses can be expensive, so you want to let your budget guide you. Decide what mattress size your child needs and from there look at models that fall into your budget. Mattresses prices usually range from affordable, $499 and under, to luxurious, $1000+. Many mattresses fall between the two extremes. If you can, you probably want to set your budget somewhere in that middle range.

When you’re mattress shopping, you want to remember that price and quality typically go hand in hand. That doesn’t mean you need to completely dismiss brands that are more affordable. Some can offer the same level of relaxation as high-end brands as well as long-lasting durability. Nevertheless, you should avoid purchasing the cheapest option available as they’re often unknown brands with low-quality materials.

The price of a mattress doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. There are mattresses that are lower-priced that have higher ratings in satisfaction than models that are costly. Customer satisfaction often relies more on personal preferences rather than price. If a mattress can meet the needs of the customer, then that customer is satisfied.

First Option for Best Mattress for Kids – GhostBed

The GhostBed mattress is a foam mattress that combines layers of different types of foams, including memory foam, latex foam, and polyfoam. These foams all work together to provide optimal comfort.

This mattress is a great choice for your kid because it has a comfort layer that is high-quality. It also has a good mixture of bounce and support. The combination of higher-density foams allows the mattress to hold up over time. This is great for a child who is growing as it provides them with support for their spine and longevity for their growing body.

Unfortunately, GhostBed only offers one firmness level, medium, which may not work for every child, but the good outweighs the bad. The mixture of the different layers of foams gives GhostBed a leg-up on their competition with their resilience, support, and comfort.

Second Option for Best Kids Mattress – Aviya

The Aviya is a hybrid mattress, combining the comfort of foam with the support of the coils. The goal is to capture the best of both worlds from foam models and innerspring models, and the Aviya does.

The base of the mattress is constructed of pocket innerspring coils that give it a strong foundation while establishing a responsive support. The foam layers that are layered on top provide comfort that any kid would enjoy. The foam is what contours to the body, keeping the spine aligned.

Unfortunately, the foam that makes up this mattress is lower-density. This could reduce the lifespan of the mattress, especially if you’re buying it for an older child or a heavier child. However, overall for a hybrid model, the Aviya is a great option for your child.

The Bottom Line

When shopping for the best mattress for kids, you have to consider a wide variety of factors. You have to choose based on mattress size, firmness, and material. For those actually shopping for a quality mattress for the first time, the process can be overwhelming. The type of mattress that you choose for your kid ultimately depends on the needs of your child and your budget. You can easily find a model that could be a possible fit for your young one no matter the type of material it’s made of. We suggest that you take a look at the mattresses that we’ve selected to get a look at what you should buy.

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