Best Mattress for Sex

Best Mattress for Sex
Best Mattress for Sex

Sex – a favorite bedroom activity for many. If your amorous activities haven’t played a role in your choice of a mattress before now, they probably should. The difference a quality bed can make on your love-making might surprise you.

In the following comparison, Smarttress will do our best to provide a few options for mattresses that would be best for people with active sex lives.

What Qualities to Look For

What are the criteria that make a mattress “good” for sexual activities?

There are a few different factors this Smarttress mattress comparison will consider.

The first important characteristic is responsiveness – how quickly does the mattress react and adapt to your movements? This is ideal for intercourse, since the alternative would feel like the mattress is working against you instead of enhancing the act.

The second thing we took into account was noise. While the “squeaky springs” are a sound all too commonly associated with sex, we can all agree it grates on the nerves and certainly does nothing to help the mood. In fact, often sex is a more discrete act, so a quieter mattress without the squeak is definitely more ideal for lovemaking.

Some other things we considered were the bounce factor, which can make sex more enjoyable and assist instead of hinder, as well as durability. Since sex is such a physical activity, it is truly a test of a mattress’s durability, so you want something that will withstand the test of time and intercourse.

With these in mind, here are the results.

Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is a great choice for couples, as it can be customized to suit your needs. As discussed in our review of the Helix, it has a medium-firm feeling and strong support. The mattress can be customized for preferred feeling, support level based on weight or height, temperature regulation, and pressure points.

The custom options can even be split on your mattress if you and your partner have different preferences, though that may potentially be an issue for intercourse. As it has customizable options, it is somewhat difficult to pin down the exact specifications that would be the best for intercourse, but the customization can also provide exactly what you need for the perfect bed for sex.

  • Responsiveness

With the foam that Helix typically uses in their mattresses, no matter the firmness level based on your customization, you will find a good responsive mattress.

They have a more medium-firm foam that would be perfect, as it contours to the body but does not feel as though you are sinking into the mattress. That sinking sensation can feel like quicksand in a physical situation like sex, so something that feels like being “on” the mattress instead of “in” it is a great balance, and Helix’s customizable options can help you find that.

  • Noise

The Helix beds are usually some combination of memory foam and micro-coils, which are usually covered to prevent a lot of noise or motion transfer. There are no metal springs in a spot that could make noise, and the coils are pressed between layers of foam, which absorb any noise the coils might make, so the Helix stays quiet.

This is obviously ideal for lovemaking, since the mood won’t be broken with the awkward and comical squeak of springs.

  • Durability & Bounce

The slight drawback of the custom mattress, which sounds like a dream come true, is that it is hard to tell exactly how durable your mattress will end up.

Helix uses high quality products and foams to create their mattresses, so it should be a decently long-lasting mattress – although their warranty is only a 10-year warranty, where some competing mattresses offer 20-year warranties.

It is, however, good news for the “bounce” factor – the mattress is not as bouncy as a spring mattress, but it does allow for some bounce back with the micro-coils, depending on the specifications of your mattress.

WinkBed Mattress

The WinkBed mattress is an innerspring hybrid mattress with patented cooling technology to keep you from getting overheated – which is great for sexually active people. It is also available in variety of firmness options, though we recommend the medium firm for sex and comfort – it has the right balance of support and comfort that is great for physical activities.

The other great thing about the WinkBed is the fact that it has the motion of a spring mattress without the excessive squeaking.

  • Responsiveness

Spring beds are often very responsive to action, but they lack the contouring element that people, especially those with back problems, prefer.

But, depending on the firmness level of the WinkBed that you choose, you may find a better responsiveness coupled with the contour action of a foam mattress. The medium-firm – or luxury firm – option has a good amount of contour as well as bounce that would be perfect for some pre-bedtime fun. It conforms to body shapes well without creating the sensation that you are being sucked down into the mattress.

  • Noise

This is the main drawback of the WinkBed – where the Helix is relatively silent in terms of noise from motion, the WinkBed contains more springs and thus is likely to add its voice to your music-making.

However, since the springs are under layers of foam, combined with the noise of the cooling system used by the WinkBed, the noise is mostly absorbed and masked. It is not absolutely silent, but between the noise of the cooling system (which sounds a bit like a modulator fan or a white noise machine, which has been proven to aid in healthy sleep) and the sound absorption of the foam layers, the noise levels are hardly noticeable.

In fact, as spring mattresses are often considered better for sex, the small trade-off is probably worth it.

  • Durability & Bounce

Spring beds are naturally bouncier than foam beds, so the WinkBed has a great bounce to it, but the foam cushioning keeps it from going overboard. The WinkBed is also highly durable and well-crafted, although the brand is on the newer side so it is hard to judge the longevity of it. Based on the materials, though, it should be a great durable option.


Both mattresses have strong and weak points, but it really comes down to what matters most to you in terms of comfort and sexual activity.

If noise of any kind bothers you and you want something with a bit less bounce, the Helix is a wonderful option with custom characteristics. If you prefer a bouncier responsiveness and do not mind a little bit of noise, the WinkBed is fantastic. Either way, these mattresses are great for sexually active people.

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