Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers
Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

It can be difficult for side sleepers to get the right amount of support and comfort from an average mattress.

Something too soft can be uncomfortable, and something too firm can feel like sleeping on the floor. Every company will try to sell their mattress as the best for everything, but very few mattresses are actually the right softness and type for side sleepers.

Lots of studies have been done on how sleeping in different positions can be better or worse on a person’s spine, cardiovascular system, and other body parts. A large consensus states that side sleeping is definitely better than sleeping on your stomach, but still not as good for you as sleeping on your back.

It can be a challenge to change how a person sleeps though, so for many side sleepers, trying to find the right mattress is usually the best option. Since mattresses have come so far in recent years, there are many different kinds to choose from, and even more brands, all saying they’re the best mattress for everything and anything.

Thankfully, there have been a multitude of studies done, and after careful tests, side sleepers no longer have to take their mattress purchases on faith. And we here at Side Sleepers wanted to help consumers feel more confident about choosing the right mattress for their sleep style.

So, without further ado, here is our take on the best mattress for side sleepers.

Option #1: The Casper Wave

One of the best brands for side sleepers is the Casper Wave Mattress, since it has five foam layers, which help to cradle and support the sleeper.

Each layer of foam is different and each contributes something to make it one of the best options for side sleepers. The first layer is Flo Foam, which is incredibly soft and helps relieve pressure from the spine while being very comfortable to sleep on.

The second layer is Latex Foam, which also helps to support the spine and adds some spring to the mattress, so that the sleeper does not simply sink into the mattress. It offers a similar softness to a plush mattress but keeps its shape more and allows for the person sleeping on it to more easily shift around and not sink and get stuck in a single area.

The third layer is Memory Foam. This helps the mattress adjust to the natural curves of any body and help to support and take pressure off the spine. It’s also a well-known fact that memory foam can be one of the warmer mattress materials, and can become uncomfortably warm for sleepers, but since the Casper Wave Mattress has it in the third layer down, it won’t trap and absorb nearly as much heat.

The fourth layer is a layer of Poly Foam, which offers support and helps the mattress not be too soft or plush. The fifth and bottom layer is contoured Poly Foam which can help spinal alignment, and gives the mattress a hefty base, so that the softness on the top has a soft yet firm base layer to support the body.

All in all, this mattress has everything it takes to make side-sleeping comfortable in the moment while still taking care of your spine so that your favorite sleep position doesn’t damage your back in the long-run.

Option #2: The Layla Mattress

Another Mattress that is perfect for side sleepers is the Layla Mattress. The Layla Mattress has 4 layers and though it has less than the Casper Mattress, it does have copper infused into the layers, which adds support and cooling to the mattress.

An additional perk of the Layla Mattress is that it is designed so that users can flip the mattress depending on the level of firmness they desire. The mattress can be flipped to either its soft side, or its firm side, depending on what the sleeper wants, which is a very unique feature. The layers are such that the middle is the base layer, and the upper and lower layer both have a different softness. We at Smartress loved the versatility of this mattress.

The mattress is constructed of memory foam, so it will conform to the contours of the body. Again, while memory foam does tend to trap heat, since this mattress has the copper infused layers, the heat is dispersed and becomes a non-issue.

Another selling point for this mattress is that both the top and bottom layers are antimicrobial, which can help a mattress last much longer. Other mattresses lacking that feature can become grungy fast, and since cleaning a mattress is a difficult task, having microbial protection can be a real time and money saver.

Though side sleepers all have their own preferences for firmness, this mattress offers a great deal of versatility with its two different firmness options, both which still provide the support and comfort that side sleepers need.

Option #3: The NECTAR Mattress

Our final pick for best side sleeping matter is the NECTAR mattress.

The NECTAR Mattress has five layers, similar to the Casper Wave Mattress, but the NECTAR has gel memory foam to help the mattress provide the sleeper with the amount of support that is right for them while also keeping much cooler than traditional memory foam.

Another selling point on this mattress for all buyers, and not just side sleepers, is that it’s both bedbug and dust mite resistant. This will help it last longer and keep out any unwanted pests while also being ideal for those who suffer from dust mite allergies.

Just like the other two mattresses, this one has several layers to prevent overheating. The tencel top layer, and breathable base layer work together to make sure that the sleeper stays comfy and cool while sleeping. The hypoallergenic materials used in the mattress also help to make sure that the sleeper can rest easy knowing that allergens won’t find their way into the mattress.

For side sleepers, the NECTAR mattress is a great option because its gel memory foam and additional layers offer a soft support for the body and better distribution of weight to help the sleeper feel comfortable both during sleep, and pain free after they wake up. The mattress also has a layer of adaptive hi-core memory foam, which adds a bit of bounce to the mattress that many other memory foam mattresses don’t have – this means no feeling like you’ve been sucked down a hole when you wake up; a common sensation for many memory foam mattresses.

Bottom Line

Side sleepers need not buy a mattress pad to accompany any of these mattresses, because they each offer unique support systems which help to cradle and conform to the body in different ways while still supporting a healthy spine.

Though the Layla has less layers than both the Casper Wave and the NECTAR, studies show that it was still one of the best mattresses for side sleepers and should not be discounted simply due to its lower number of layers.

So, for side sleepers in pain, and ready to try something new, the Casper Wave, Layla, and NECTAR mattresses are the best choices to help support your side sleeper style.

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