Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

There is more to a good night of sleep than just how soft the blankets are. The science of sound sleep is incredibly complex, and involves many different qualities not just within the sleeping individual but also the firmness or softness of a mattress, presence of allergy-inducing toxins, mattress material, and many others.

Better sleep leads to many health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease. A good night of sleep can lead to overall improvements in productivity, mental state, and energy levels throughout the day. An uncomfortable or unhealthy night of sleep, however, can have long lasting consequences including soreness, spinal issues, and muscle and joint pain.

No two people sleep the same way, or have the same exact body type. We at Smarttress know that selecting a new mattress is a careful process that involves much consideration. What might be the best mattress for one person could easily be very uncomfortable to another, and knowing where to look to find the perfectly customized mattress can be a long and fruitless process. Our team of industry professionals at Smarttress has meticulously combed the market to find and compile a list of the best mattresses in the industry.

Due to the myriad sleeping positions people may assume, some individuals find comfort on more firm mattresses, while some may find a softer mattress to provide more comfort and support. For stomach sleepers specifically, full body support for all body types begins with isolating pressure points. Because stomach sleepers tend to have issues arise with overnight spine support, the best mattresses for stomach sleepers are often those that prioritize overall spinal support.

Finding a mattress that perfectly supports and provides comfort to stomach sleepers, and is also available at a fair price can be a tedious process. Our researchers at Smarttress have outlined below several high-quality, fairly priced mattresses that are currently dominating the market in terms of quality, price, and overall effectiveness for stomach sleepers.

Tuft and Needle

With a one-hundred-night trial as well as free shipping and lightening fast delivery, this mattress is appealing from the moment one clicks onto the website. But beyond that, this mattress is one of the best choices on the market for stomach sleepers specifically due to its numerous pressure relief and full body support capabilities.

This mattress combines pressure relief and support with comfort by utilizing the supportive T&N Adaptive foam. This foam, detailed more extensively in our Smarttress Tuft & Needle mattress review, allows for firm support of the spine and midsection without compromising on softness and comfort. The mattress maintains its firmness and shape regardless of daily usage, leading to more long-lasting benefits.

For stomach sleepers who may get hot in the night, the Tuft and Needle mattress also prioritizes coolness through the night, utilizing the newest innovations in temperature control to keep clients from overheating or experiencing heat-based discomfort. Heat from the body as it sleeps can often get trapped in the bulky layers of a mattress. To prevent this, the Tuft and Needle mattress is composed of T&N Adaptive foam. This foam contains heat wicking graphite and is infused with cooling gel, which keeps the mattress breathable and allows for a cooler and more comfortable night of sleep.

Purple Mattress

More so than most other brands on the market, the Purple Mattress draws upon as well as conducts research into the science of sleep to inform decisions on mattress design and construction. It’s most sought-after qualities include its capabilities for relieving pressure points, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable, and supporting all body types and sleep positions throughout the night.

One of the most alluring qualities of this mattress, especially for those who may experience back or neck pain as a result of sleeping on their stomach, is the spinal support and alignment. The Purple mattress prioritizes the spine when it comes to pressure relief, which makes it a perfect choice for stomach sleepers as it aligns the spine for all-night support.

Lower layers of this mattress are also specially designed to provide motion-isolation qualities, allowing for sleepers to remain sleeping peacefully even while their partner tosses and turns in bed. Stomach sleepers especially experience the full effect of motion within the bed, as so much of their body is in contact with the mattress itself. For this reason, the Purple mattress is one of the best investments on the market for stomach sleepers who want to be able to have a long, sound, undisturbed sleep.

In utilizing extensive research into the science of a good night sleep, this company is able to promise relief from the aches and pains caused by sleeping on the stomach.


This Saatva brand mattress does wonders for relieving pressure points, especially for stomach sleepers. With a supportive and comfortable one hundred percent pure latex, this mattress is specially designed to comfort and support individuals’ sore or stiff joints and muscles.

A firm, elastic mattress is ideal in providing effective spinal support for stomach sleepers in order to prevent or to ease the pain of a sore back. Along with spinal support, the Zenhaven mattress also relieves pressure from pressure points throughout the body, meaning that circulation among sleepers who utilize this mattress is vastly improved.

Stomach sleepers are also more prone to become overheated during the night, as their body heat gets trapped below within the mattress and slowly reheats their body over time. The Zenhaven mattress offers advanced temperature regulation so that the mattress can be breathable and any sleeping position and body type can experience an overall cooler night of sleep.

At Smattress, we made the job of finding the perfect mattress easy. Check out our full review of the Zenhaven mattress. It includes extensive details on product features, and a comprehensive pro/con list.

The Zenhaven mattress combines high quality materials with research into sleep science to offer full body support tailored to stomach sleepers. The one hundred percent natural, mold resistant, hypoallergenic latex allows for extensive spinal support so that stomach sleepers can be free of the aches and pains typically associated with this sleep position.

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