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A good night of sleep is one of the most important factors in having a productive day of work or studying, in that it allows the brain and body to fully recharge for a day of efficiency and functionality. It is important, therefore, when buying a new mattress, to properly research brands in order to select the best possible mattress for personal needs.

We here at Smarttress though think that there is more to a mattress than just comfort. Full body support for muscles and other pressure points is quintessential in sleeping soundly and deeply all night long. One of the best ways to ensure a quality sleep and health for the body over time is to purchase an organic mattress.

An organic mattress designed and manufactured specifically to utilize natural, eco-friendly materials can be a great way to not only sleep better and improve personal health over time, but also to be kind to the environment and to promote long-lasting positive change for the various ecosystems on the planet.

Multiple aspects of a product can be environmentally friendly. Purchasing a mattress composed of organic materials is one of the best ways to ensure that the environment is being taken care of, but another is through researching manufacturing methods to determine which mattresses are produced and manufactured in the most eco-friendly ways possible.

Ridding a mattress of potentially harmful toxins and chemicals is a great investment into long-term personal health. Organic mattresses promise a healthy combination of natural materials that don’t contain chemical dyes or harmful toxins, to provide better, healthier sleep.

Our staff here at Smarttress have identified and thoroughly researched numerous new brands that are able to offer organic mattresses at affordable prices throughout the country and across the globe.

Avocado Mattress

One of the most promising qualities in a mattress is that it is manufactured, or better, handmade, within the United States. The local manufacturing ensures that more personal care was taken with the process and that the supplier monitored the process to ensure efficiency and proper construction. The products that are locally manufactured, like the Avocado Mattress, which is handmade to order in California, are often of higher quality in terms of construction as well as material selection.

The groundbreaking new Avocado Mattress has found incredible success for its comfort and full body support, but more so for its effective use of all organic materials. These include one hundred percent natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, as well as natural wool and certified organic cotton.

The Avocado Mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which is a great indicator of overall quality of organic materials. It’s full list of certifications and awards extends to include that it is eco-INSTITUT certified, OEKO-TEK Standard one hundred certified when it comes to wool, and GOTS certified when it comes to cotton.

The myriad certifications were a strong demonstration to our experts at Smarttress that this mattress has been verified as a quality organic bed, but we still had to try it out for ourselves. Upon usage, it is clear that the organic materials not only lead to a simple reduction of toxins and harmful chemicals in the mattress. They also offer a more effective performance and enhanced comfort and exceed expectations when it comes to important qualities like temperature control.

Overall, the Avocado mattress can be trusted to deliver in terms of organic materials and eco-friendly manufacturing and management while still promoting a restful sleep.

Saatva Mattress

For individuals who want to feel good about their mattress purchase in terms of overall impact on the environment as well as healthy personal choices, an organic mattress is the right way to go. With a Saatva mattress though, purchasers can also expect to experience high-end luxury comfort with their mattress purchase.

This handcrafted organic mattress utilizes a coil on coil construction system to make full body support possible for any and all body types and sleep positions. It is comprised of an outer cover of organic cotton, which surrounds the coil on coil springs. The springs are constructed out of repurposed steel that has been recycled. Along with these is a third material: eco-friendly memory foam.

A Saatva mattress is perfect especially for individuals with heavy allergies, or light allergies as well. The use of organic materials in the construction of the mattress ensures that there are no traces of formaldehyde, which may cause irritation or allergic reaction. While a Saatva mattress is not composed of one hundred percent organic materials, the efforts made to utilize as much organic content as possible has significantly impacted the possible allergen content within this mattress.

The company as a whole is a huge draw for individuals wishing to help the environment as well due to their other initiatives and business practices that work hard to reduce strain on the environment. With a relatively low carbon footprint compared to other similar companies, Saatva is a healthy, ethical choice to consider when attempting to select a mattress supplier.

Luxi Mattress

With a one hundred-night trial and a ten-year warranty, the Luxi mattress gives plenty of opportunity for the customer to change their mind about this being the right mattress for them. But unsurprisingly, that has hardly been the case.

The clever use of space in order to create a three-in-one mattress with adjustable firmness allows for indecisive customers to change the feel of their mattress over time without needing to replace their mattress. This means that fewer usable mattresses will end up in a landfill simply due to change in taste.

The eco-friendly nature of this mattress doesn’t simply end with its multi-level comfort offerings. This mattress is designed and manufactured ethically and in an environmentally friendly way within the United States.

Because it heavily utilizes organic materials, the Luxi mattress does not contain formaldehyde within its foam surfaces. It is also created without the use of PBDE’s or flame retardants that can damage the environment upon creation as well as disposal, and lead to long-term health deficits.

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