Big Fig Mattress Review

Big Fig Mattress
Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig Mattress Company was founded in 2016 by a father-daughter team. Their primary goal was to provide a mattress that could specifically cater to heavier figures. Alison and her father have been part of the mattress manufacturing industry for some years, with her great-great-grandfather beginning a mattress manufacturing company over ninety years ago.

While watching the progression of the mattress industry, Alison noticed how the quality of mattresses for heavier weight limits was beginning to decline. Foam mattresses had become all the rage, and many new mattresses and brands were designed, but none for heavier individuals. Seeing this, Alison and her father compiled their knowledge and experience in mattresses to produce a mattress specifically designed for big and tall or plus size sleepers to meet these individuals’ unique sleeping needs.

In our Big Fig mattress review, we will discuss the mattress’s main elements and features, as well as what we discovered to be its main pros and cons.

Product Description

What sets the Big Fig mattress apart from others, other than its claim to fame for being one of the very few mattresses designed for larger sleepers, is its construction.

Unlike the many foam layered mattresses popular in today’s market, the Big Fig combines foam and spring layers for comfort and support. The foam layers are made of denser foam for durability, which also aids in the prevention of imprints forming in the mattress. It is specifically designed to support sleepers weighing up to five hundred pounds, or the combined couple’s weight of one thousand pounds.

The Big Fig features three main layers that contribute to its design for support, while also providing body heat relief and long-term durability.

It begins with the cover, which is a softer feeling knit blend fabric. It’s uniquely blended with a gel material for body temperature regulation. It’s quilted to an inch-thick layer of 1.8lb density foam.

The top foam layer is half an inch of gel infused with aerated latex to provide airflow in the mattress. Latex has long been known for its cooling properties while providing some initial bounce-back for the mattress.

Next is the combination of three foam layers in one. One layer is 1.8lb density poly foam, and the other two are 2.5lb density. The firmness found in these layers provides a quicker response for applied pressure, such as when the sleeper is shifting positions or getting up and provides an additional support feature. The primary support feature in this mattress is in the 7″ layer of pocketed coils. Each of these coils is individually wrapped, which aids in motion isolation, and gives some bounce. Additional air flow is provided by these coils, as they are taller and not a solid foam layer.

The Big Fig was designed to last longer. The manufacturers include a twenty-year warranty, and every mattress is made of high-quality materials that will last. Within the design of it, the mattress is tufted to prevent internal materials from shifting, which would otherwise result in lumps and bumps in the mattress.

Something that many mattresses lack is a firm edge. Most mattresses’ edges will sag with any weight put on them, which can cause problems for sleepers who are heavier or who move around a lot during the night.

The Big Fig provides a solution to a weak edge with a three-inch thick layer of 1.8lb higher density poly foam around the pocketed coil layer. At the base is a one-and-a-half-inch thick layer of more 1.8lb higher density poly foam and this is the layer that provides durability for the mattress and is what the pocketed coils sit on.

Additionally, a sturdy foundation can be challenging to source. When putting it together, the foundation for the Big Fig has often been used directly on the floor but can be used with a traditional bed frame too. The base is comprised of eighteen slats, each of which is two and a half inches thick. Each foundation contains two center support rails as well.

The initial feel of the Big Fig is a soft layer that provides pressure relief. The quick response to pressure is perfect for preventing the stuck in the mattress feels, and when more weight is added to the mattress, it’s easier to feel the stronger supportive layers kicking in. While the mattress could feel too firm for lighter builds, heavier builds should find the support they need for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.

Product Features

Throughout our Big Fig mattress review, the following features stood out as the main highlights:

  • Designed for larger figures, weighing up to 500lbs individually or a couple’s combined weight of 1000lbs
  • Highly rated edge support
  • Great investment with a long-term warranty
  • 1600 pocketed coil springs for support
  • Cushioning without sagging provided by three layers of higher density poly foam
  • Included foundation with every mattress purchase
  • Foundation designed to support five times the weight of an average foundation
  • Unique tufting design prevents internal shifting


Our Big Fig mattress review determined the following pros and cons:

  • Motion isolation
  • Well-designed heat distribution features
  • Excellent pressure distribution
  • Design helps prevent sinking
  • Uniquely designed edge support
  • Free shipping
  • 20-year warranty
  • Sleep trial of 101 nights
  • Specially designed foundation included with mattress order


  • Can feel too firm for those with smaller builds
  • Although within reason, on the pricier side
  • No expedited shipping is available, as Big Fig does not partner with ground courier services such as FedEx or UPS
  • White Glove Delivery an option, but extra. It provides in home assembly and installation waste disposal, but old mattress removal is $60 extra

Bottom Line

Big Fig mattresses are exclusively sold via the Big Fig website. This means that they are not available via a showroom for sleepers to test out or other retailers such as Amazon or popular mattress retailers.

The benefit to this is that Big Fig shoppers won’t have to shop around for the best price on their chosen size of the mattress. Buy the Big Fig mattress in sizes of twin, xl twin, full, queen and California king on today!

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