Brentwood Home Mattress Review

Brentwood Home Mattress
Brentwood Home Mattress

Brentwood Homes is a Los Angeles based company with a foundational belief in taking care of each of the spaces people inhabit. With this, they invest much time into sourcing and researching the materials that they use, making sure that each one meets the five standards of environmental responsibility set forth by California.

These include how people depend on natural systems, how they influence natural systems, the long-term functioning of systems and human societies, and how decisions, especially made in light of businesses and their products, are complex and have to be explored fully to understand the consequences, good and bad.

Calling California home has significantly influenced Brentwood’s policies on manufacturing their mattresses. They don’t use phthalates, chemical retardants, heavy metals or ozone depleters in any of their mattress lines. They combine this with over thirty years of handcrafting experience to approach mattress manufacturing with more of an artisanal view and take pride in every detail of their mattresses that are as natural and safe as possible.

We pug together a Brentwood Home mattress review to go over the specific details, features and pros and cons so that you can learn whether this might be the right brand of mattress for you.

Product Description

Brentwood has put together four different mattresses that each uphold their environmental goals and health goals for their customers. Their top-rated luxury mattress is the Oceano, while the Crystal Cove Mattress features dual sided and activated charcoal, their Cedar mattress is the best in organic and natural, and their Ojai mattress is where affordability and luxury meet. All are handcrafted with precise detailing and span a wide range of budgets.

Oceano: Featuring Brentwood’s CertiPUR cooling gel-infused memory foam, this mattress features a five-zone coil support system and a Tencel stretch knit cover. It has a medium-plush feel, with a hand tufted Euro-top design.

Pricing wise, a twin sized mattress will run sleepers $995 and increases up to a split King at $2,195. Sizes available for this are a twin, twin xl, full, queen, California king, and split king.

Brentwood showcases its preference for high-quality materials and traditional design in the hybrid Oceano mattress. It combines the receptive comfort and support of tried and tested spring craftsmanship, and pressure relieving gel infused memory foam.

Crystal Cove: Innovative in design, the Crystal Cove was designed as a dual-sided hybrid mattress to promote restorative nights of sleep and therapeutic recovery. It balances the latest advancements in sleep technologies like memory foam that is infused with activated charcoal and precisely crafted coils and completely natural Dunlop latex.

Dunlop latex is the most energy efficient method to create latex, and it is a denser latex than the less efficient competitor of Talalay latex. Dunlop is also springier versus a bouncier Talalay, but mainly, it is the green production methods and a wider range of satisfaction from sleepers that have caused Dunlop latex to be used here. The dual-sided nature of the mattress has one side featuring the activated charcoal, and the other side features the gentle but firm natural latex discussed above. This makes it a truly customizable mattress for people leading active lifestyles who are seeking a rejuvenating and restorative mattress.

Cedar: The Cedar is the best available regarding organic and natural for a mattress. It’s made with natural latex certified by the eco-INSTITUT brand, Summer weight New Zealand wool certified by OEKO-TEX, a flaxseed fiber pad, and organic cotton certified by GOTS.

Its support system is made of a five-zone coil support, and it features a hand tufted euro-top design with a medium plush feel. Latex is often the material used in all-natural mattresses, but it hasn’t always been the top choice for sleep comfort.

Flat and solid layers of latex are both highly responsive to transferring motion, and it can create pressure points. However, the Cedar green mattress is a hybrid style that features an all-natural latex layer designed via a computer and sliced into zones to provide pressure relief and comfort. It’s created with completely sustainable and eco-friendly materials, with Brentwood craftsmanship and no toxins, pesticides, or harmful chemicals.

Ojai: The Ojai is hailed as one of the most affordable luxury mattresses. It blends a medium feel with hand tufting and a cool gel infused memory foam blended with a five-zone coil support system. Designed as an entry piece to the line of Brentwood Homes mattresses, the Ojai is still crafted with evolving sleep technologies and is cool, supportive, and comfortable while utilizing the eco-friendly materials that Brentwood is known for.

Product Features

Our team discovered the following highlight-worthy features during our Brentwood Home mattress review:

  • Hybrid mattresses
  • 5-zone individually wrapped coil design
  • Cool gel infused memory foam
  • Eco-conscious materials
  • Natural and safe mattresses produced in California
  • Numerous sizes available
  • 25-year warranty
  • Free returns
  • Free shipping
  • 120-night trial period
  • Removable and cleanable mattress cover
  • CertiPUR-US-certified nontoxic foam utilized in memory foam.


Our Brentwood mattress review determined in the following pros and cons we thought most helpful to share with consumers:

  • Individually wrapped coils independently adjust to support healthy spinal alignment, no matter the sleep position
  • Reinforced edges, no matter what mattress you choose, allows for full use of the mattress
  • Utilizes production methods that are healthy and sustainable for the environment to create a product that is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic for all sleepers
  • Luxury in a box design makes for easy unpacking and set up
  • 3-5 day order completion time, totaling in a 5-10 business day delivery window from order date
  • CertiPUR foam is known for low VOC emissions, which means little to no gassing off odour upon opening


  • On the more expensive side with prices spanning $795 for the entry line twin to $2,595 for the split King in the completely organic and all-natural line
  • Shipping method requires time for the mattress to expand and be ready for use. Although immediate sleeping is possible, the mattress can take up to five days to fully expand and recover from shipping
  • Mattress covers are removable and washable, but highly shrinkable due to New Zealand wool

Bottom Line

As a company who has built its name in creating all-natural products that are responsibly produced and sustainably sourced, and who is dedicated to customer satisfaction, Brentwood Homes mattresses are the choice for a green and eco-minded sleeper, for sleepers who hate dealing with allergens or who don’t want to sleep on common chemicals used in most foam mattresses.

Their commitment to researching every sleep technology and its effects has produced a wide array of mattresses for many budgets, and in addition to stand twin through king sizes, they carry a split king size for every mattress line.

Buy your Brentwood Home mattress from Brentwood Home today!

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