Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress

Casper, the company behind the mattress of the same name, started back in 2014 as a start-up that raised $1.6 million dollars to get itself off the ground. They kept everything a major secret, aside from the fact that their ultimate goal was to cut out the middle man in the mattress industry to cut costs for production and for the customer. The result was the beloved Casper mattress, as well as the other models they have released since then.

Casper continued to expand after the massively successful debut of their original mattress, even releasing one intended for beloved dogs. Sometimes touted as the “Warby Parker of the Mattress Industry”, the company has somehow made buying a mattress “cool” with their online platform and active social media.

Casper (the company) recently opened the doors to their first physical store, moving beyond the internet ordering that started their business. They also publish a print periodical about their company and related things, to keep their readers informed of new developments with the company and to create what is truly a Casper community. The result is a huge fanbase for the company and the popular Casper mattress, the original which still remains their best-selling model to date.

Here in our Casper mattress review, we will dive into the specifics of what makes this company so popular and what they’ve done to create one of the most comfortable mattresses we’ve tested to date.

Product Description

Many years of research went into the development of the Casper mattress, and it certainly paid off. The Casper features different foam firmness and density depending on the location on the mattress – with a softer, plusher foam near the top where the shoulders rest, and a firmer foam around the back and hip area. Above that memory foam layer, though, is the “breathability” open cell layer, for preventing heat retention.

Under the open cell layer lies the pressure relieving memory foam, for a responsive “squish” to relieve pain in the muscles and joints. Under that is the “zoned support” layer, with alternating firmness for various levels of support depending on areas with more or less stress and pressure points. The final base layer provides a strong structural support for the Casper.

The Casper mattress features a 100-night guarantee, so if for some reason you are dissatisfied, you can return your Casper mattress for a full refund. Smarttress, though, recommends giving the Casper a chance. The Casper company, with their people oriented approach, has excellent customer service, and the Casper mattress has free shipping and returns if purchased from their website.

Product Features

  • The Casper features the company’s “zoned support” system, which is what much of their initial start-up budget was invested in. They spent quite a while researching and perfecting the balance of firm to plush, and the feeling changes depending on the location.
  • The full mattress comes with a zip cover, which is easily removable and easy to wash.
  • The aerated open cell layer facilitates air flow to keep the mattress (and sleeper) cool throughout the night.
  • Their “risk free” 100-night trial is a perfect way to test the Casper mattress and decide for yourself if it deserves the hype (our testers for the Casper mattress review thought it did!)


  • “Zoned support” is something unique to the mattress industry and the Casper mattress specifically. The Casper does a wonderful job of relieving pressure from the shoulders with a softer foam, while supporting the back and hips with a slightly firmer layer for proper alignment and pain relief, which is associated with a firmer foam.
  • The open cell layer does a fantastic job of keeping the mattress and sleeper cool throughout the night, allowing little to no heat retention in the mattress.
  • The zoned support system of the Casper mattress also makes it a great option for people who toss and turn, or have multiple preferred sleeping positions. In our tests, the Casper felt solid and comfortable in all positions, including back, stomach, and side, which is somewhat surprising for a firmer foam mattress.
  • Also surprising for a foam mattress, the Casper has very solid edge support, so you can rest closer to the edges without feeling like you are going to fall over the side.
  • Foam mattresses tend to perform well in the realm of motion transfer, and the Casper does too – there is very little disturbance when it comes to the movement of a sleeping partner, so couples will love this bed.
  • Casper as a company has very “user friendly” policies and great customer service, as they are a fledgling company despite their massive popularity boost, so all problems have quick and easy solutions.
  • The mattress is Certi-PUR certified, meaning no harmful or toxic chemicals were made in the creation of the mattress, so it is perfectly safe. This also means that the mattress has basically no off-gassing, which is usually common in foam mattresses.


  • The company is relatively new to the mattress scene, despite their booming success, so the lifespan of their mattress is relatively unknown since they have only been around for a few years.
  • If you are looking for a pure memory foam feel, this mattress has a different design and feels firmer than your average memory foam, though it still cushions and responds similarly to memory foam.
  • Since it is on the firmer end of the memory foam spectrum, there is some “sinkage” associated with the mattress, but it is not excessive by any means, which can be a problem with many memory foam mattresses.

Experience a Comfortable Sleep with the Casper

No one including Casper could have imagined the immense success they have seen since they launched their start-up back in 2014. The Casper mattress, their original claim to fame that they have since updated, continues to be one of the best and most innovative memory foam mattresses on the market. It breaks many memory foam stereotypes, like heat retention and sinking, while maintaining a relatively affordable price point and great customer service and satisfaction.

For those interested by the Casper mattress review to try this gem of a mattress for themselves, you can check out the brand new Casper store at one of their physical locations, or you can place an order online at

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