Casper Wave Mattress Review

Casper Wave Mattress
Casper Wave Mattress

Casper mattresses utilize unique ergonomic alignment that helps to align the sleeper’s spine and provide a deeper sleep. They also use premium foams instead of fillers in their manufacturing and have engineered the layers in the mattress to be light and airy, which keeps the mattress and its sleeper cool.

These are standard features to all of the mattresses in the Caspar line. Each of their mattresses tries to improve upon and target one of these features as their main selling point, with the Wave mattress featuring Hyper-Targeted Support.

In our Casper Wave mattress review, we will discuss this mattress’ features in more detail and provide our list of pros and cons.

Product Description

Casper has a lineup of three mattresses that are all award-winning in their design. They’ve been highly ranked by Time Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Architectural Digest. Also, thousands of users have raved about their Casper Mattress. Their newest, the Wave, has been increasingly popular for people seeking true support in their mattress.

Casper has engineered their Wave mattress with precise ergonomic support where it’s needed most. Whereas an old mattress that is no longer supportive can cause a slew of problems, the least of which are a poor night’s sleep and both soreness and stiffness from muscles trying to support your sleeping form, the Casper Wave uses a patent-pending support system that actively mirrors the exact shape of your body at thirty-six specific points.

This means no more bending in your spine while you’re trying to sleep, and thus no aches and pains to keep you up. Deep restorative sleep is what promotes a healthy mind, body, and overall day. This is what the Wave is for.

It also uses the layers of breathable foam, five in this case, with a cushiony top layer for a cloud-like sleeping surface to keep you cool while you sleep. The manufacturer states that the cover was designed with inspiration from the experience of sleep.

The shading on it begins light at the top and darkens steadily as it goes down, to reflect the firmness of the layers. At the top, the layers are cushionier, moving into more supportive layers as you near the base. This is where the mattress gets its name. As a bonus, this cover can be easily removed for regular cleaning.

One of the other key differences in the Wave is its layers. The top layer is a solid inch of the Flo foam that Casper is known for. It is designed to be superbly soft and pull body heat away for a cooler night.

Next is the one-and-a-half-inch thick layer of latex foam used to provide relief from pressure while adding some spring. This is what makes the mattress easy to get up and out of. While a large plush mattress is great in theory, it isn’t so nice when the plush makes it impossible to get up. This layer has similar qualities to memory foam, but the spring factor means that it doesn’t restrict a sleeper’s movement like memory foam can.

In living up to a true foam mattress, Casper did include an inch and a half thick layer of memory foam. Placing it in the middle allows it to help with pressure relief but keeps it from causing overheating.

The Wave’s fourth layer is a transition layer. It is another inch and a half of high resiliency foam used for support and as a conduit between the softer layers above and the mattress’s base layer. The polymer support network this layer features in the mattress’s center is what helps support a sleeper’s back, keeping you in a good sleeping position which helps discourage pressure points from forming.

Last but not least is the Wave’s base layer. It is the thickest, at five and a half inches, and is comprised of higher density poly foam. This is the layer designed to help improve the alignment of the spine, with enhanced contouring that sets it apart from other mattresses.

Product Features

Our Casper Wave mattress review found the following features to be the true highlights of this mattress:

  • Precision contouring under the shoulder area relieves pressure while helping with proper spine alignment, no matter your sleeping position.
  • Reinforced polymer network in the body area supports the curves in the back and hips for firmer support where it’s most commonly needed.
  • 36 points of contact for superior support.
  • Five breathable layers: Flo foam, Latex foam, Visco Elastic Memory Foam, High Resiliency Foam featuring polymer network, and support foam with contouring.
  • Cushiony and velvety soft top layer.
  • Heat wicking open cell foams divert body heat in top layers.
  • Improved pressure relief, welcoming feel and spine alignment of original Casper Mattress.
  • Longer life span compared to most foam mattresses.

There are a few downsides to the Casper Wave, however. One most notable is its price tag. Twin sizes will start at $1,000, cruising up to nearly two thousand at $1850 for a queen size, and $2250 for a California king-sized mattress. The price comparison for the standard Casper mattress has a range of $550-$1,150, so the Wave will run about double the cost, no matter the size you choose.

So, overall, our Casper Wave mattress review found the following pros and cons:


  • Low to average maintenance with a simple head to toe rotation occasionally
  • The thickness of mattress is suited to all kinds of people, in all sizes
  • Produces little to no noise, comparable to all foam beds
  • Ranks higher for motion isolation
  • Ranks highest for easy to move on or get up off of the mattress.
  • Helps with back pain


  • Heavy, difficult to move
  • Initial out of the box odor might be present for longer upon unpacking of the mattress
  • Higher price point than most mattresses, even in the Casper line

Bottom Line

Although the Wave can be found at most retailers, both in-store and online, buying from the manufacturer is most recommended.

Their online site showcases all of the Wave’s benefits, especially for sleepers looking to compare the lineup of Casper mattresses available. features a one hundred night trial for the Wave, free shipping, and returns, free in the home setup of the mattress with purchase, financing options, and customer support for any issue that sleepers could run into with their Wave. It is also easier to find numerous reviews on the Wave, all in one spot.

After our team finished the Casper Wave mattress review process, we feel confident in suggesting that you buy the Wave mattress from Casper today!

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