Best Organic Mattress

A good night of sleep is one of the most important factors in having a productive day of work or studying, in that it allows the brain and body to fully recharge for a day of efficiency and functionality. It is important, therefore, when buying a new mattress, to properly research brands in order to select the best possible mattress for personal needs.

We here at Smarttress though think that there is more to a mattress than just comfort. Full body support for muscles and other pressure points is quintessential in sleeping soundly and deeply all night long. One of the best ways to ensure a quality sleep and health for the body over time is to purchase an organic mattress.

An organic mattress designed and manufactured specifically to utilize natural, eco-friendly materials can be a great way to not only sleep better and improve personal health over time, but also to be kind to the environment and to promote long-lasting positive change for the various ecosystems on the planet.

Multiple aspects of a product can be environmentally friendly. Purchasing a mattress composed of organic materials is one of the best ways to ensure that the environment is being taken care of, but another is through researching manufacturing methods to determine which mattresses are produced and manufactured in the most eco-friendly ways possible.

Ridding a mattress of potentially harmful toxins and chemicals is a great investment into long-term personal health. Organic mattresses promise a healthy combination of natural materials that don’t contain chemical dyes or harmful toxins, to provide better, healthier sleep.

Our staff here at Smarttress have identified and thoroughly researched numerous new brands that are able to offer organic mattresses at affordable prices throughout the country and across the globe.

Avocado Mattress

One of the most promising qualities in a mattress is that it is manufactured, or better, handmade, within the United States. The local manufacturing ensures that more personal care was taken with the process and that the supplier monitored the process to ensure efficiency and proper construction. The products that are locally manufactured, like the Avocado Mattress, which is handmade to order in California, are often of higher quality in terms of construction as well as material selection.

The groundbreaking new Avocado Mattress has found incredible success for its comfort and full body support, but more so for its effective use of all organic materials. These include one hundred percent natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, as well as natural wool and certified organic cotton.

The Avocado Mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which is a great indicator of overall quality of organic materials. It’s full list of certifications and awards extends to include that it is eco-INSTITUT certified, OEKO-TEK Standard one hundred certified when it comes to wool, and GOTS certified when it comes to cotton.

The myriad certifications were a strong demonstration to our experts at Smarttress that this mattress has been verified as a quality organic bed, but we still had to try it out for ourselves. Upon usage, it is clear that the organic materials not only lead to a simple reduction of toxins and harmful chemicals in the mattress. They also offer a more effective performance and enhanced comfort and exceed expectations when it comes to important qualities like temperature control.

Overall, the Avocado mattress can be trusted to deliver in terms of organic materials and eco-friendly manufacturing and management while still promoting a restful sleep.

Saatva Mattress

For individuals who want to feel good about their mattress purchase in terms of overall impact on the environment as well as healthy personal choices, an organic mattress is the right way to go. With a Saatva mattress though, purchasers can also expect to experience high-end luxury comfort with their mattress purchase.

This handcrafted organic mattress utilizes a coil on coil construction system to make full body support possible for any and all body types and sleep positions. It is comprised of an outer cover of organic cotton, which surrounds the coil on coil springs. The springs are constructed out of repurposed steel that has been recycled. Along with these is a third material: eco-friendly memory foam.

A Saatva mattress is perfect especially for individuals with heavy allergies, or light allergies as well. The use of organic materials in the construction of the mattress ensures that there are no traces of formaldehyde, which may cause irritation or allergic reaction. While a Saatva mattress is not composed of one hundred percent organic materials, the efforts made to utilize as much organic content as possible has significantly impacted the possible allergen content within this mattress.

The company as a whole is a huge draw for individuals wishing to help the environment as well due to their other initiatives and business practices that work hard to reduce strain on the environment. With a relatively low carbon footprint compared to other similar companies, Saatva is a healthy, ethical choice to consider when attempting to select a mattress supplier.

Luxi Mattress

With a one hundred-night trial and a ten-year warranty, the Luxi mattress gives plenty of opportunity for the customer to change their mind about this being the right mattress for them. But unsurprisingly, that has hardly been the case.

The clever use of space in order to create a three-in-one mattress with adjustable firmness allows for indecisive customers to change the feel of their mattress over time without needing to replace their mattress. This means that fewer usable mattresses will end up in a landfill simply due to change in taste.

The eco-friendly nature of this mattress doesn’t simply end with its multi-level comfort offerings. This mattress is designed and manufactured ethically and in an environmentally friendly way within the United States.

Because it heavily utilizes organic materials, the Luxi mattress does not contain formaldehyde within its foam surfaces. It is also created without the use of PBDE’s or flame retardants that can damage the environment upon creation as well as disposal, and lead to long-term health deficits.

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Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

There is more to a good night of sleep than just how soft the blankets are. The science of sound sleep is incredibly complex, and involves many different qualities not just within the sleeping individual but also the firmness or softness of a mattress, presence of allergy-inducing toxins, mattress material, and many others.

Better sleep leads to many health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease. A good night of sleep can lead to overall improvements in productivity, mental state, and energy levels throughout the day. An uncomfortable or unhealthy night of sleep, however, can have long lasting consequences including soreness, spinal issues, and muscle and joint pain.

No two people sleep the same way, or have the same exact body type. We at Smarttress know that selecting a new mattress is a careful process that involves much consideration. What might be the best mattress for one person could easily be very uncomfortable to another, and knowing where to look to find the perfectly customized mattress can be a long and fruitless process. Our team of industry professionals at Smarttress has meticulously combed the market to find and compile a list of the best mattresses in the industry.

Due to the myriad sleeping positions people may assume, some individuals find comfort on more firm mattresses, while some may find a softer mattress to provide more comfort and support. For stomach sleepers specifically, full body support for all body types begins with isolating pressure points. Because stomach sleepers tend to have issues arise with overnight spine support, the best mattresses for stomach sleepers are often those that prioritize overall spinal support.

Finding a mattress that perfectly supports and provides comfort to stomach sleepers, and is also available at a fair price can be a tedious process. Our researchers at Smarttress have outlined below several high-quality, fairly priced mattresses that are currently dominating the market in terms of quality, price, and overall effectiveness for stomach sleepers.

Tuft and Needle

With a one-hundred-night trial as well as free shipping and lightening fast delivery, this mattress is appealing from the moment one clicks onto the website. But beyond that, this mattress is one of the best choices on the market for stomach sleepers specifically due to its numerous pressure relief and full body support capabilities.

This mattress combines pressure relief and support with comfort by utilizing the supportive T&N Adaptive foam. This foam, detailed more extensively in our Smarttress Tuft & Needle mattress review, allows for firm support of the spine and midsection without compromising on softness and comfort. The mattress maintains its firmness and shape regardless of daily usage, leading to more long-lasting benefits.

For stomach sleepers who may get hot in the night, the Tuft and Needle mattress also prioritizes coolness through the night, utilizing the newest innovations in temperature control to keep clients from overheating or experiencing heat-based discomfort. Heat from the body as it sleeps can often get trapped in the bulky layers of a mattress. To prevent this, the Tuft and Needle mattress is composed of T&N Adaptive foam. This foam contains heat wicking graphite and is infused with cooling gel, which keeps the mattress breathable and allows for a cooler and more comfortable night of sleep.

Purple Mattress

More so than most other brands on the market, the Purple Mattress draws upon as well as conducts research into the science of sleep to inform decisions on mattress design and construction. It’s most sought-after qualities include its capabilities for relieving pressure points, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable, and supporting all body types and sleep positions throughout the night.

One of the most alluring qualities of this mattress, especially for those who may experience back or neck pain as a result of sleeping on their stomach, is the spinal support and alignment. The Purple mattress prioritizes the spine when it comes to pressure relief, which makes it a perfect choice for stomach sleepers as it aligns the spine for all-night support.

Lower layers of this mattress are also specially designed to provide motion-isolation qualities, allowing for sleepers to remain sleeping peacefully even while their partner tosses and turns in bed. Stomach sleepers especially experience the full effect of motion within the bed, as so much of their body is in contact with the mattress itself. For this reason, the Purple mattress is one of the best investments on the market for stomach sleepers who want to be able to have a long, sound, undisturbed sleep.

In utilizing extensive research into the science of a good night sleep, this company is able to promise relief from the aches and pains caused by sleeping on the stomach.


This Saatva brand mattress does wonders for relieving pressure points, especially for stomach sleepers. With a supportive and comfortable one hundred percent pure latex, this mattress is specially designed to comfort and support individuals’ sore or stiff joints and muscles.

A firm, elastic mattress is ideal in providing effective spinal support for stomach sleepers in order to prevent or to ease the pain of a sore back. Along with spinal support, the Zenhaven mattress also relieves pressure from pressure points throughout the body, meaning that circulation among sleepers who utilize this mattress is vastly improved.

Stomach sleepers are also more prone to become overheated during the night, as their body heat gets trapped below within the mattress and slowly reheats their body over time. The Zenhaven mattress offers advanced temperature regulation so that the mattress can be breathable and any sleeping position and body type can experience an overall cooler night of sleep.

At Smattress, we made the job of finding the perfect mattress easy. Check out our full review of the Zenhaven mattress. It includes extensive details on product features, and a comprehensive pro/con list.

The Zenhaven mattress combines high quality materials with research into sleep science to offer full body support tailored to stomach sleepers. The one hundred percent natural, mold resistant, hypoallergenic latex allows for extensive spinal support so that stomach sleepers can be free of the aches and pains typically associated with this sleep position.

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Big Fig Mattress Review

Big Fig Mattress
Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig Mattress Company was founded in 2016 by a father-daughter team. Their primary goal was to provide a mattress that could specifically cater to heavier figures. Alison and her father have been part of the mattress manufacturing industry for some years, with her great-great-grandfather beginning a mattress manufacturing company over ninety years ago.

While watching the progression of the mattress industry, Alison noticed how the quality of mattresses for heavier weight limits was beginning to decline. Foam mattresses had become all the rage, and many new mattresses and brands were designed, but none for heavier individuals. Seeing this, Alison and her father compiled their knowledge and experience in mattresses to produce a mattress specifically designed for big and tall or plus size sleepers to meet these individuals’ unique sleeping needs.

In our Big Fig mattress review, we will discuss the mattress’s main elements and features, as well as what we discovered to be its main pros and cons.

Product Description

What sets the Big Fig mattress apart from others, other than its claim to fame for being one of the very few mattresses designed for larger sleepers, is its construction.

Unlike the many foam layered mattresses popular in today’s market, the Big Fig combines foam and spring layers for comfort and support. The foam layers are made of denser foam for durability, which also aids in the prevention of imprints forming in the mattress. It is specifically designed to support sleepers weighing up to five hundred pounds, or the combined couple’s weight of one thousand pounds.

The Big Fig features three main layers that contribute to its design for support, while also providing body heat relief and long-term durability.

It begins with the cover, which is a softer feeling knit blend fabric. It’s uniquely blended with a gel material for body temperature regulation. It’s quilted to an inch-thick layer of 1.8lb density foam.

The top foam layer is half an inch of gel infused with aerated latex to provide airflow in the mattress. Latex has long been known for its cooling properties while providing some initial bounce-back for the mattress.

Next is the combination of three foam layers in one. One layer is 1.8lb density poly foam, and the other two are 2.5lb density. The firmness found in these layers provides a quicker response for applied pressure, such as when the sleeper is shifting positions or getting up and provides an additional support feature. The primary support feature in this mattress is in the 7″ layer of pocketed coils. Each of these coils is individually wrapped, which aids in motion isolation, and gives some bounce. Additional air flow is provided by these coils, as they are taller and not a solid foam layer.

The Big Fig was designed to last longer. The manufacturers include a twenty-year warranty, and every mattress is made of high-quality materials that will last. Within the design of it, the mattress is tufted to prevent internal materials from shifting, which would otherwise result in lumps and bumps in the mattress.

Something that many mattresses lack is a firm edge. Most mattresses’ edges will sag with any weight put on them, which can cause problems for sleepers who are heavier or who move around a lot during the night.

The Big Fig provides a solution to a weak edge with a three-inch thick layer of 1.8lb higher density poly foam around the pocketed coil layer. At the base is a one-and-a-half-inch thick layer of more 1.8lb higher density poly foam and this is the layer that provides durability for the mattress and is what the pocketed coils sit on.

Additionally, a sturdy foundation can be challenging to source. When putting it together, the foundation for the Big Fig has often been used directly on the floor but can be used with a traditional bed frame too. The base is comprised of eighteen slats, each of which is two and a half inches thick. Each foundation contains two center support rails as well.

The initial feel of the Big Fig is a soft layer that provides pressure relief. The quick response to pressure is perfect for preventing the stuck in the mattress feels, and when more weight is added to the mattress, it’s easier to feel the stronger supportive layers kicking in. While the mattress could feel too firm for lighter builds, heavier builds should find the support they need for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.

Product Features

Throughout our Big Fig mattress review, the following features stood out as the main highlights:

  • Designed for larger figures, weighing up to 500lbs individually or a couple’s combined weight of 1000lbs
  • Highly rated edge support
  • Great investment with a long-term warranty
  • 1600 pocketed coil springs for support
  • Cushioning without sagging provided by three layers of higher density poly foam
  • Included foundation with every mattress purchase
  • Foundation designed to support five times the weight of an average foundation
  • Unique tufting design prevents internal shifting


Our Big Fig mattress review determined the following pros and cons:

  • Motion isolation
  • Well-designed heat distribution features
  • Excellent pressure distribution
  • Design helps prevent sinking
  • Uniquely designed edge support
  • Free shipping
  • 20-year warranty
  • Sleep trial of 101 nights
  • Specially designed foundation included with mattress order


  • Can feel too firm for those with smaller builds
  • Although within reason, on the pricier side
  • No expedited shipping is available, as Big Fig does not partner with ground courier services such as FedEx or UPS
  • White Glove Delivery an option, but extra. It provides in home assembly and installation waste disposal, but old mattress removal is $60 extra

Bottom Line

Big Fig mattresses are exclusively sold via the Big Fig website. This means that they are not available via a showroom for sleepers to test out or other retailers such as Amazon or popular mattress retailers.

The benefit to this is that Big Fig shoppers won’t have to shop around for the best price on their chosen size of the mattress. Buy the Big Fig mattress in sizes of twin, xl twin, full, queen and California king on today!

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Casper Wave Mattress Review

Casper Wave Mattress
Casper Wave Mattress

Casper mattresses utilize unique ergonomic alignment that helps to align the sleeper’s spine and provide a deeper sleep. They also use premium foams instead of fillers in their manufacturing and have engineered the layers in the mattress to be light and airy, which keeps the mattress and its sleeper cool.

These are standard features to all of the mattresses in the Caspar line. Each of their mattresses tries to improve upon and target one of these features as their main selling point, with the Wave mattress featuring Hyper-Targeted Support.

In our Casper Wave mattress review, we will discuss this mattress’ features in more detail and provide our list of pros and cons.

Product Description

Casper has a lineup of three mattresses that are all award-winning in their design. They’ve been highly ranked by Time Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Architectural Digest. Also, thousands of users have raved about their Casper Mattress. Their newest, the Wave, has been increasingly popular for people seeking true support in their mattress.

Casper has engineered their Wave mattress with precise ergonomic support where it’s needed most. Whereas an old mattress that is no longer supportive can cause a slew of problems, the least of which are a poor night’s sleep and both soreness and stiffness from muscles trying to support your sleeping form, the Casper Wave uses a patent-pending support system that actively mirrors the exact shape of your body at thirty-six specific points.

This means no more bending in your spine while you’re trying to sleep, and thus no aches and pains to keep you up. Deep restorative sleep is what promotes a healthy mind, body, and overall day. This is what the Wave is for.

It also uses the layers of breathable foam, five in this case, with a cushiony top layer for a cloud-like sleeping surface to keep you cool while you sleep. The manufacturer states that the cover was designed with inspiration from the experience of sleep.

The shading on it begins light at the top and darkens steadily as it goes down, to reflect the firmness of the layers. At the top, the layers are cushionier, moving into more supportive layers as you near the base. This is where the mattress gets its name. As a bonus, this cover can be easily removed for regular cleaning.

One of the other key differences in the Wave is its layers. The top layer is a solid inch of the Flo foam that Casper is known for. It is designed to be superbly soft and pull body heat away for a cooler night.

Next is the one-and-a-half-inch thick layer of latex foam used to provide relief from pressure while adding some spring. This is what makes the mattress easy to get up and out of. While a large plush mattress is great in theory, it isn’t so nice when the plush makes it impossible to get up. This layer has similar qualities to memory foam, but the spring factor means that it doesn’t restrict a sleeper’s movement like memory foam can.

In living up to a true foam mattress, Casper did include an inch and a half thick layer of memory foam. Placing it in the middle allows it to help with pressure relief but keeps it from causing overheating.

The Wave’s fourth layer is a transition layer. It is another inch and a half of high resiliency foam used for support and as a conduit between the softer layers above and the mattress’s base layer. The polymer support network this layer features in the mattress’s center is what helps support a sleeper’s back, keeping you in a good sleeping position which helps discourage pressure points from forming.

Last but not least is the Wave’s base layer. It is the thickest, at five and a half inches, and is comprised of higher density poly foam. This is the layer designed to help improve the alignment of the spine, with enhanced contouring that sets it apart from other mattresses.

Product Features

Our Casper Wave mattress review found the following features to be the true highlights of this mattress:

  • Precision contouring under the shoulder area relieves pressure while helping with proper spine alignment, no matter your sleeping position.
  • Reinforced polymer network in the body area supports the curves in the back and hips for firmer support where it’s most commonly needed.
  • 36 points of contact for superior support.
  • Five breathable layers: Flo foam, Latex foam, Visco Elastic Memory Foam, High Resiliency Foam featuring polymer network, and support foam with contouring.
  • Cushiony and velvety soft top layer.
  • Heat wicking open cell foams divert body heat in top layers.
  • Improved pressure relief, welcoming feel and spine alignment of original Casper Mattress.
  • Longer life span compared to most foam mattresses.

There are a few downsides to the Casper Wave, however. One most notable is its price tag. Twin sizes will start at $1,000, cruising up to nearly two thousand at $1850 for a queen size, and $2250 for a California king-sized mattress. The price comparison for the standard Casper mattress has a range of $550-$1,150, so the Wave will run about double the cost, no matter the size you choose.

So, overall, our Casper Wave mattress review found the following pros and cons:


  • Low to average maintenance with a simple head to toe rotation occasionally
  • The thickness of mattress is suited to all kinds of people, in all sizes
  • Produces little to no noise, comparable to all foam beds
  • Ranks higher for motion isolation
  • Ranks highest for easy to move on or get up off of the mattress.
  • Helps with back pain


  • Heavy, difficult to move
  • Initial out of the box odor might be present for longer upon unpacking of the mattress
  • Higher price point than most mattresses, even in the Casper line

Bottom Line

Although the Wave can be found at most retailers, both in-store and online, buying from the manufacturer is most recommended.

Their online site showcases all of the Wave’s benefits, especially for sleepers looking to compare the lineup of Casper mattresses available. features a one hundred night trial for the Wave, free shipping, and returns, free in the home setup of the mattress with purchase, financing options, and customer support for any issue that sleepers could run into with their Wave. It is also easier to find numerous reviews on the Wave, all in one spot.

After our team finished the Casper Wave mattress review process, we feel confident in suggesting that you buy the Wave mattress from Casper today!

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DreamCloud Mattress Review

DreamCloud Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress

If you’re looking for a new mattress but are not a fan of the features of a memory foam then you could benefit from a hybrid mattress. Not just any hybrid mattress though, but a hybrid mattress that claims sleeping on it is like sleeping on a cloud.

DreamCloud has a luxury mattress available for purchase that is an impressive 15” in height. Those 15” have eight layers that are all specially designed to give you the best of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses. The company has many benefits and claims that make it an attractive option for those in search of a high-quality mattress.

DreamCloud was founded with the intent to give people rejuvenating and luxurious sleep and make it accessible to everyone. They pride themselves on their support system which has a team that has over 100 years of collective experience in customer service. They can answer any question and correct any error while remaining reliable and friendly.

In this DreamCloud mattress review, we’ll be diving deep into what this mattress has to offer and whether their claims live up to what they say.

Product Description

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that is of luxury quality that has 8 balanced levels of their patented coil system and premier memory foam. This mattress is designed and manufactured with a cover made of Cashmere, a heat-treated pad made of cotton for cooling purposes, layers of high-quality foam, supportive yet springy coils, and a range of other one-of-a-kind features.

The mattress serves as a contouring pillow that cradles the sleeper’s body. It also comes with sidewalls that are reinforced so that it has unmatched edge support. These specialized features are what allows the DreamCloud to continue to feel like new every day for years into the future.

This hybrid, which is made from foam, latex, and an innerspring mattress, will be delivered to your home upon purchase. It will show up in a duffel bag so that it will remain clean during its transportation. The bag is equipped with handles so that it’s easier to carry to your bedroom. There are also handles on the sides of the mattress so that it’s easier to place on its frame.

Finally, DreamCloud offers a professional cleaning after you’ve owned your mattress for a year with no charge upon request. They follow up after 5 years to refresh the mattress. They will recondition the bed so that it appears like new at no cost to the owner.

Product Features

Our DreamCloud mattress review focused on the following features:

  • Construction – The DreamCloud is composed of innerspring, foam, and latex and is delivered to your door in a large duffel bag. It stands tall at 15” and works best flat on the floor or with the most basic box springs and frames.The cashmere cover not only gives the bed a luxurious finish and breathable surface but ensures that your bed is resistant to bed bugs. The overall construction is tufted so that the depth of the mattress is compressed, ensuring the adhesives don’t break down over time and giving the mattress has long-term durability.
  • Firmness – On a 10-point scale, with 10 being the firmest, DreamCloud rates a 6. A 6 is pretty average. The firmness provides support and can be stiff when mattresses are firmer. Luckily, the cashmere cover and layers of memory foam give it a softer feel.

Another perk of the foam is that it recovers its shape quickly while providing an average bounce. This combination is great for those who tend to change positions often in the night. So, couples who sleep in different positions will like the bounce back of this mattress.

Those who sleep on their stomach will appreciate the cradling effect of the memory form, and they don’t have to worry about their spine becoming unaligned thanks to the innersprings and latex.

Those who sleep on their back will also enjoy the DreamCloud because of the firm support offered by the latex and innersprings while experiencing relief on their back from the layers of foam. Side sleepers can also benefit from the pressure relief of the foam on their shoulders, knees, and hips.

  • Motion Transfer – The combination of innersprings and foam reduce a lot of the motion transfer that comes with mattresses that are just innerspring. While it reduces motion transfer, it doesn’t reduce the quick responsiveness.The responsiveness allows for movement on the bed without disturbing light sleepers. The coils in the mattress are individually wrapped and are compressed independent of each other which isolates motion. The memory foam layers that lay above the coils help to lessen the transfer of movement.
  • Edge Support – A big concern for mattresses that are shipped to homes is that that the edges don’t hold up, but DreamCloud has great edge support. When sitting on the edge, there is some compression. Laying on the edge has no noticeable effect, which means you can lay near the edge without the worry of falling off.
  • Payment and Shipping – DreamCloud offers free shipping as well as returns if you’re not satisfied after their 365-day trial. The mattress comes in six sizes: Twin and Twin XL, Full, Queen, and both King and California King. The price for a Twin and Twin XL is currently unavailable as they’re sold out, but a Queen is priced at $1,599 before the $200 price drop.
  • Warranty – DreamCloud offers a lifelong warranty for as long you own a DreamCloud.


Our DreamCloud mattress review revealed the following pros and cons:

  • It’s constructed to feel luxurious while being offered at a relatively low price-point.
  • It’s fairly easy to move thanks to its lightweight build.
  • Delivery is free for those who live in the contiguous 48 states.
  • The company provides a free cleaning after 1 year of ownership and will return after 5 years to refresh the mattress.


  • It’s hard to know how long the mattress will last due to the lack of company history.

The Bottom Line

The DreamCloud looks like a cloud, and, with its eight distinct layers, it feels like one too.

This high-quality hybrid mattress shows careful thought and design with its features that offer relief, support, cooling, and quality. While the company is newer on the market, their use of high-end materials and customer care makes them a real competitor in the mattress market. Our DreamCloud mattress review made our team at Smarttress approve it as a fine option.

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Live and Sleep Mattress Review

Live and Sleep Mattress
Live and Sleep Mattress

When you’re looking for a new mattress, you have a variety of specific needs that must be met.

For example, you don’t want to get a new mattress to only find it sleeps too hot. You also don’t want to order a mattress that sucks you in when you lay down, allowing for virtually no escape.

A memory foam mattress is a perfect solution for these concerns, and the Live and Sleep mattress could be the one you’re searching for.

The Live and Sleep brand is only a few years old. They’ve built up their company with the intent to provide people with the knowledge and resources you’d find in a brick-and-mortar store without the awkwardness of testing out the mattresses in-store. Their second goal in their effort to provide customers with a high-quality mattress is to make the price as affordable as possible.

In our Live and Sleep Mattress review, we’ll go over everything about the mattresses offered by Live and Sleep, and we’ll see if it really is the best option for your needs.

Product Description

The Live and Sleep mattress is all memory foam. The foam in the mattress is very responsive and bounces like few other foam beds would. The bounce is what gives it that firm feeling and prevents you from sinking into the bed.

It also has an effect on the cooling properties of the mattress, but the design is what really contributes to the airflow. The Live and Sleep has an open cell format which is constructed to keep you cool at night and keep air flowing. This is a property that few foam beds have.

There are multiple versions of the mattress that Live and Sleep offer, which can determine the features you experience.

For certain models, you get extra features that contribute to nighttime cooling. The Classic, for example, simply cools thanks to its cover and breathability. The Elite has the extra perk of having an extra layer of gel-infused foam with cooling properties. The Luxury also has this extra layer, but it’s twice as thick. The design of the Live and Sleep is made to support the sleeper and make them as comfortable as possible.

Product Features

Our Live and Sleep Mattress review focused on the following features:

  • Construction – To analyze the product features of a Live and Sleep mattress, we’ll be reviewing the Luxury mattress as it has the highest number features. The Luxury mattress promises to give their customers the highest quality. It’s constructed from a premium blend and is 12” in thickness.

Each mattress will come with a top cover that is not only breathable but soft to the touch. It’s designed to contour to your body and has the ability to stretch far.

The first layer of the mattress is composed of 2.5” memory foam. It makes those who sleep on it feel like they’re being embraced and assists in pressure point relief.

The second layer is the 1” gel-infused layer that assists in cooling and added pressure relief. The foundation of the mattress, the bottom layer, is 8.5” of high-density Performance Core Support.

The Luxury model, and every other model, has a thin cover that goes over the mattress that is made with soft cotton with the side panels are made from polypropylene and polyester.

  • Firmness – The Live and Sleep creators created a product with a medium-balanced feel. On a scale of 10, where 10 is the firmest, this mattress ranks in at a 6 to 6.5. Thanks to the memory foam, it feels firm when you lay on it before softening and contouring to your body. With a medium firmness, this mattress appeals to the widest variety of sleepers.
  • Support – From our experience, the Live and Sleep offers great support for both those who sleep on their back as well as on their side. The support isn’t a surprise since sleepers are sleeping on thick high-density foam constructed for the sole purpose of support. Using it left sleepers feeling revitalized and rested.An issue that can arise for light sleepers is the imprint the mattress will have every time you move. Heavier sleepers tend to not move as much in their sleep, giving them the luxury of creating a deeper body contour so that it feels like your body is enveloped every time you fall asleep.
  • Pricing – Live and Sleep’s mattress is offered at an extremely affordable price although you can get it at even better prices when you choose their other models.We recommend the Luxury model as it is thicker and offers more cooling properties during sleep. You can get all three models in six different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The Luxury model’s price starts at $599.99 with the price going up by $50 until it reaches $949 for both the King and California King.


Our Live and Sleep mattress review revealed the following pros and cons:

  • Live and Sleep has a variety of mattress to choose from so that you can choose the best one for your needs, while many other companies that are based on the internet offer only one mattress.
  • The cover that’s on the Live and Sleep Mattresses is easily removable which makes maintaining and cleaning your memory foam mattress so much easier.
  • The motion transfer for this mattress is minimal which comes as no surprise. The standard for premium memory foam mattresses is low motion transfer and full-body support.


  • Live and Sleep only ships to those within the United States, although they do guarantee 2-day shipping for their customers within the USA.
  • If the mattress doesn’t live up to your standards then you can return it after 50 days of use.

The Bottom Line

For those who are interested in a new mattress that is affordable and foam with medium firmness and low motion transfer, our Live and Sleep mattress review found them to be the best choice in our opinion.

Sleeping on it won’t make you feel like you’re walking on quicksand, and the high-quality materials that you get help with cooling and support. When it comes to the Live and Sleep, we at Smarttress feel that this mattress is worth every penny that you spend on it.

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