GhostBed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress
GhostBed Mattress

Werner is name that may sound familiar to many, as it is the family name of the company of the leading ladder company in the world. The Werner family has been providing innovations to society for generations, and promoting progress, safety, and comfort with their products. It was only natural that the family continue to improve and branch out into new areas.

The CEO of Nature’s Sleep, Marc Werner, knew what it was like to sleep in constant pain after multiple operations and injuries. So, when he founded his mattress company, he did so with the hope of creating pillows and mattresses designed to relieve pain during sleep and allow a good night’s rest.

After founding Nature’s Sleep and creating the GhostBed mattress, Werner wanted to make purchasing a mattress simpler and more efficient, so he stuck to an online retail setup where the consumer can purchase a mattress from home and return it easily if they are dissatisfied. While other mattresses are also directly online to home, the GhostBed was one of the first.

To discover if the Nature’s Sleep continued the high-quality that the Werner name is known for, we decided to test it out ourselves and share the results with you here in our GhostBed mattress review.

Product Description

The GhostBed is part latex, part memory foam in composition, and provides a firm but plush support for sleeping. The mattress is only available online and is delivered directly to your doorstep. It also comes with a long warranty and a guarantee for those who find themselves dissatisfied with the GhostBed. The Smarttress team liked the GhostBed and its combination of foam and latex is an innovation in the mattress industry.

Sleepers will really feel the years of research and innovation that went into the GhostBed to achieve the right balance between soft and firm for solid support and comfort. The 11”-thick mattress is revolutionary in its class, and it is relatively affordable, too.

Product Features

  • The GhostBed is encompassed with a plush cover, made up of a blend of viscose and polyester. It is incredibly stretchy, comfortable, and CertiPur-US Certified, which is a mattress industry standard.
  • The next layer is an inch and a half of continuous aerated latex foam, meant to be very responsive and comfortable and prevent heat retention.
  • Under the latex is a 2” layer of gel memory foam, which has larger cells than typical memory foam and helps keep you cool during sleep.
  • The final layer is a 7-and-a-half-inch high density base, for extra support and increased longevity.
  • There is a guarantee of 101 nights, in which you can return the GhostBed if you find yourself dissatisfied with the mattress – though our testers at Smarttress kept their GhostBed!
  • Available in multiple sizes, from a twin or twin XL all the way up to a California King.
  • There are additional features that are optional, but you can also purchase a foundation and adjustable base along with your GhostBed mattress, which is perfectly suited to the dimensions and size of the GhostBed, as well as conveniently arriving at the same time.


  • The dual layers of memory foam and latex provide a plush sensation for pressure points, while the underlying high-density layer allows for strong support. This mattress lies somewhere around a 6 to 7 on the “plush to firm” scale as far as mattresses are concerned, which is typically considered the “perfect” number.
  • The latex layer is perfect for people who suffer from chronic pain, as studies have shown that people who use latex mattresses typically feel more pain relief than in other mattress types. Smarttress agrees that there is a significant amount of relief associated with laying on this mattress, even on your side.
  • This luxurious feeling mattress is a fantastic value for the price, as we discovered in our GhostBed mattress review. It is significantly better performing than most of the other mattresses of similar construction, and it is far more affordable.
  • The plush but supportive construction of the GhostBed makes it suitable for any sleeping position, so all sleepers – be you a back, stomach, or side sleeper – will feel comfortable and content resting on the latex and memory foam.
  • The aerated latex and gel memory foam facilitated air flow and prevented heat retention, which allowed for a nice, cool night of sleeping where other mattresses feel uncomfortably warm from absorbed body heat.
  • Foam mattresses are known to prevent a lot of motion transfer, and the GhostBed absolutely lives up to that standard and would be great for couples.
  • The foam/latex combination is incredibly responsive and contours very well with nearly any body type.


  • It has absolutely no springs, so if you are not a fan of foam mattresses, this will not magically alter your opinion.
  • The support drops off a bit near the edges of the mattress, so if you tend to sleep very close to the edges, the GhostBed may not provide the support you need for a proper night’s rest.
  • If you prefer a mattress with more “firmness” options, the GhostBed may not be the right choice, since it only comes in the one option.
  • While we at Smarttress did not experience this issue, previous customers have reported that as the GhostBed arrives is a vacuum sealed package, it can take quite a long time for the mattress to fully expand. This can potentially lead to lumps and uncomfortable areas, which would prevent the mattress from achieving its original goal of pain relief for healthy sleep.

Get a Good Night’s Rest with the GhostBed Today!

Overall, Smarttress gives the GhostBed a resounding “yes”. Our GhostBed mattress review found it is comfortable, but firm and supportive, and the combination of a latex layer on top of a gel memory foam layer is a great solution for heat retention. The bed responds well to all body types and all sleep positions, and although it only comes in one “firmness” level, it is almost universally agreed to be just the right amount of softness and supportiveness.

Customers interested in trying the GhostBed can order it from their website at, along with any desired extras or features. This mattress would be well-suited to nearly anyone who enjoys a great foam mattress, and it will fit in nearly any budget, so check it out!

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