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Hyphen Mattress
Hyphen Mattress

As a division of Diamond Mattresses, a mattress company established in 1946, Hyphen represents over seventy years of experience of forming a mattress designed to help active individuals recuperate and recover for the next day of adventures. Hyphen realizes that a well-rested person is the one most able to take on whatever tomorrow throws at them and has designed their mattress around that concept.

Something unique about Hyphen is that they own their factory and keep the entire process of manufacturing their mattress in-house. While this provides control over the design, creation, and testing of the product, it’s also an essential factor to note that it cuts down on the cost of the end product significantly.

Often, finding a quality supportive mattress comes with an extravagant price tag, but not in Hyphen’s case! They’ve sourced the top-quality materials available in multiple industries, and if the material didn’t cut design, they designed their own. Countless guess and check methods were applied, coupled with pressure and compression tests, as well as individual testing feedback, to create the mattress’s final design.

In our Hyphen mattress review, we will help you learn about this mattress’s unique features and benefits, so you can determine whether it is the right one for you or not.

Product Description

Hyphen realizes that everybody, old and young, large and small frames are capable of leading an active lifestyle with a good night’s sleep. With this though, they aimed to provide a mattress that could handle numerous body types and sleeping positions.

Within their factory and created by the trained craftsman at every step, the construction of the mattress culminates in three layers, with a stretchy cover that isn’t the thinnest but didn’t seem to inhibit airflow at all. It’s also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

At the top is a two-inch thick layer of Hyphen’s trademark foam that is softer but measures in at 3.5lbs of density. This is a foam designed to aid in initial pressure relief and contouring to the curves of the body, which helps to fill in and support gaps no matter the position of the sleeper. This top layer is also aerated, which means that it is more breathable than many traditional foam mattresses. The layer is also copper infused, which helps in wicking heat away from the body, and makes the layer cool to the touch.

Under this layer is an additional two inches of 1.5lb density poly foam that act as the transition layer. In addition to providing support, this layer has a lot of spring to it to help overcome the trapped feeling a lot of foam mattresses suffer from. To form the base of the mattress is a six-inch layer of 1.8lb higher density poly foam. In addition to supporting the upper layers and helping to retain the mattress’s shape, this is the layer that protects the overall mattress from the compression that can happen with use over a longer period. This helps sleepers to avoid the typically mandatory rotation of foam mattresses to avoid creating a permanent indentation in the layers.

The springiness of the layers contributed to the mattress responding very quickly when it was compressed, which supports the feel of and softness of memory foam without getting stuck. The top softer layer compresses a bit to provide pressure relief and contoured support, while the second and third layers push back to provide firmer support.

Designed as a middle of the road firmness mattress, slight changes in the position shouldn’t transfer much motion, but movements of someone getting out of or into the bed will transfer a lot of movement. All foam construction mattresses can suffer from unsupportive edges, but while the top layer did compress a bit on the edge, the supporting under layers held up and provided a sturdier edge than typical of a pure memory foam mattress.

The Hyphen produces its mattresses in sizes from twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California King, with a price range of $575 for the twin to $1095 for the California King. As far as most foam mattresses are concerned, this is a less expensive option that still retains the sought-after qualities of a higher end foam mattress.

Also unique to the Hyphen is its weight. Even at the largest size, a sleeper would be looking at a maximum of 84lbs in mattress weight.

With a dedication to providing a simpler mattress shopping experience, Hyphen’s mattress is made of simple but sturdy materials, affordably priced, and their free shipping services deliver the mattress straight to the front door.

Product Features

During our Hyphen mattress review, the team noticed the following features as especially worthy of highlight:

  • 10” mattress height, created by three layers of foam
  • Medium firmness to appeal to a vast array of sleepers
  • Stretchy spandex and polyester based cover
  • Uniquely aerated mattress
  • Copper-infused foam
  • Springy foam layers
  • 100-night trial period
  • 20-year warranty
  • Free shipping


Our Hyphen mattress review determine the following pros and cons for consumers to consider:

  • Layers of foam that have spring to them support and help a sleeper not get stuck in one position on the mattress
  • Copper infusion in the layers helps to regulate body heat
  • Mattress aeration provides increased airflow
  • Soft, breathable cover stretches to cover the mattress without becoming shapeless
  • No bunching up when you move around during the night
  • Hyphen’s exclusive foam provides just enough contouring for support, with more bounce back than memory foam has.


  • Compression-style delivery requires time for the mattress to expand and may leave residual gassing-off odours
  • Middle of the road firmness may not be appealing for sleepers who need a very soft or very firm mattress
  • Sleepers preferring traditional memory foam or innerspring feeling mattresses may not like the Hyphen’s feel

Bottom Line

Well designed as a mattress with a firmness level to appeal to all kinds of sleepers and all kinds of positions, the Hyphen is perfect for sleepers who don’t need an excessively soft or firm mattress that is also affordable and allergen friendly. Their included twenty-year warranty shows just how much they believe in the construction and durability of their product for sleepers everywhere.

Buy your Hyphen mattress from hyphensleep.com today!

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