Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress

Layla as a brand has been highly anticipated, so possible buyers of the Layla mattress have been frequently reading up on the reviews, hoping to hear a verdict of whether or not this mattress lives up to the excitement. The Layla Sleep promises support for hips, shoulders, and back, as well as full body comfort, with its new copper infused memory foam mattress.

As described by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at, restful, peaceful sleep is incredibly important for any individual who wants to thrive in a busy life on a day to day basis. A good night’s sleep has been proven to be incredibly important in maintaining proper physical and mental health. An uncomfortable mattress can quickly become a massive detriment when it comes to daily functionality and productivity at work or in studies.

When perusing various in person and online retail stores for a new mattress, there are a number of important qualities to keep in mind to ensure a good night’s sleep. This is why shoppers have overwhelmingly turned to the Layla Mattress for their mattress needs, and why they have consistently been satisfied with their purchases.

Layla Sleep as a company is certainly enticing even from first glance, offering a one hundred twenty night trial period for any product, as well as a lifetime warranty. This speaks to the company’s devotion to customer service overall, which can be important when attempting to find a mattress that is right for you.

Here in this Layla mattress review, we’ll go over the specific features that make this mattress so great as well as the pros and cons, so you can decide if this is the mattress you’ve been looking for.

Product Description

With their new mattress, Layla Sleep seems to have combined the tried and true practices and methodologies behind mattress construction that have proven effective for a number of years with exciting and innovative modern ideas, to create a product that fully maximizes on its own capabilities, offering true full body comfort. It has truly taken the industry by storm.

The mattress contains several layers of carefully chosen comfort materials. One new innovation this product executes masterfully is the fact that the mattress itself can be flipped. Buyers are now able to choose and easily switch between two different sleep textures. This allows purchasers of the Layla mattress to change up their sleeping patterns regularly, leading to a deeper, more restful sleep.

The cleverness of the mattress design sandwiches various comfort materials between two sheets of scientifically tested copper infused memory foam. Copper is an incredibly conductive metal, and therefore is frequently used in high-heat environments and workspaces. Infusing this metal into mattress material allows for a comfortable sleeping temperature. It essentially prevents overheating within the mattress due to external temperature as well as body heat that is absorbed from people sleeping on the mattress, which leads to a much more restful night of sleep.

The copper-infused memory foam material is proven to provide a more restful sleep by fully cushioning the body and fitting the shape of whoever is sleeping on it. The copper allows for a cooler mattress, and that coupled with the memory foam allows for rapid heat transfer, deep compression support, and medium-soft comfort. The top and bottom materials are also antimicrobial, allowing for a cleaner, healthier bed.

The brilliant part about the reversible mattress is that while it is cushioned on both sides with copper infused memory foam, users can choose the three inch side, or the side that is only one inch in depth. This allows sleepers of various body types and comfort choices to decide between a softer, more enveloping mattress, and a mattress that is much firmer.

Between these memory foam bookends lie two more layers of supportive, cushioning material. Just below the one-inch side of memory foam lies the four and a half inch base support foam. This foam material provides core support for the mattress, so that sleepers are able to rest their bodies without waking up sore from sliding further and further into a shapeless mattress all night.

The last layer of this mattress, between the three-inch memory foam and the base support foam lies two inches of convoluted support foam. This foam is breathable and ridged, allowing for maximum airflow, which is part of what makes this mattress such a great choice for sleepers who want the comfort of a cushy mattress, and the support of a firm one.

Overall, our Layla mattress review found this mattress to be made smartly, utilizing new innovations in mattress construction to maximize comfort, customizability, and breathability for anyone sleeping on it. Its use of copper infused memory foam allows for a cooler night’s sleep.

Product Features

  • Deep compression support
  • Rapid heat transfer
  • Antimicrobial materials
  • Copper infused memory foam for cooler sleep


  • Customizability: This mattress is reversible, allowing for easy customizability at any time. Purchasers are buying both a firm, as well as a cushy mattress, and can quickly switch back and forth between the two with a simple flip of the mattress.
  • Temperature control: The use of copper allows for a more breathable mattress, and a more effective night of sleep. Say goodbye to waking up sweaty in the sweltering summer heat, or having to blast the air conditioning year round to prevent night sweats!
  • Full body support: With the carefully selected mattress materials, the Layla mattress is able to provide head to toe body support for all body types.


  • Price: While the price matches the product fairly, those who aren’t interested in the dual nature of the reversible mattress, or the temperature control offered by the use of copper in the mattress construction would be better off paying less for a less versatile mattress.
  • Temperature: Because this mattress is so breathable, for areas that experience much colder weather, a mattress that is meant to retain more heat would perhaps be a better-suited option.

Buy from Layla Sleep!

This mattress is the mix between the timeless classic mattress and new technology, and in our trial runs here at Smarttress for the Layla mattress review, we found it certainly lives up to its reputation, substantiating its much-anticipated release.

Full details of the Layla mattress and purchasing options can be found on the Layla Sleep website at Sizes vary from Twin to California King, and the product can be easily ordered online.

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