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Luxi Mattress
Luxi Mattress

Founded by the father-daughter duo Shannon Farley and David Farley, Luxi is a company with a passion for purposeful solutions and design in what they consider one of the most influential parts of everyone’s lives: their mattress.

They realize that everyone is different, and thus might not have similar mattress needs, from sleeping positions, lengths, firmness and support levels. They find the notion of a singular perfect mattress silly and question the traditional method of mattress shopping and production.

With this mode of thinking, they have produced the innovative bed in a box that is adjustable. The company has deep roots in both mattress manufacturing and engineering via David’s twenty-five years of experience in the foam industry, twenty-seven patents on the anatomic uses of foam, and Shannon’s creative developing skills that were built while previously working for the likes of Toyota, Nike, Warner Brothers and Microsoft.

Their combination of experience and knowledge helped them to design a mattress that utilizes shape matching materials and technology to adapt to the sleeper. Not only do they design the Luxi mattresses, but each is produced by them as well, allowing full control over the process from designing to testing the finished product before shipping it to its new home.

Our team decided to put their mattresses to the test and developed this Luxi mattress review to help consumers discover if Luxi might be the answer to their sleeping woes.

Luxi Mattress Description

Potentially the biggest difference between Luxi and other foam mattresses is the ability it gives sleepers to modify the foam layers to personalize it to three different firmness levels, and even split firmness levels for couples using the bed. It is made of four foam layers that can be reordered for a truly custom firmness setting.

The four layers are encompassed in a cover that is a mixture of viscose and polyester, that is quilted with a little bit of memory foam. The cover’s materials are known for being absorbent and cooling, while the memory foam is perfect for nearly instant comfort and relief.

There is a comfort layer made of the patented SBT layer by Luxi. This acronym translates to support, bounce and technology, and is a firmer material that quickly responds to applied pressure. The technology aspect of it is present with the string of small channels that provide body contouring and airflow.

Next is a pressure relief layer, which is made of an inch of memory foam that has a slower response to pressure and increases the contouring support found in the comfort layer. The other two layers that can be switched around are the support layer and the foundation layer.

The support layer is an inch of LuxiTex foam that can be compared to a latex material. Similar to latex, the LuxiTex helps to keep the sleeper cool while also providing the support needed for a person to easily get up and off the bed.

Last but not least is the firmest layer, the foundation layer. This is a layer entirely made of denser poly foam that would normally support the softer top foam layers and provide the overall durability to the mattress.

For the softest setting, a sleeper would orient the layers in the order of comfort layer, pressure relief layer, support layer and then the foundation layer. To add a little more firmness, the support layer would be on top, followed by the comfort and pressure relief layers on top of the foundational layer, and the firmest setting would place the foundational layer on top of the comfort layer, pressure relief layer and the support layer.

The Luxi adjustable mattress is available in sizes from twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and California king. Beginning with the Queen size mattress, the firmness levels can be split adjusted, allowing the combinations of the firm and soft for whoever prefers it.

A concern with adjustable layers is that although sleepers probably aren’t adjusting them nightly, foam layers can often weigh a lot and be challenging to move around. The total weight of the bed starts at 47lbs for a twin and goes up to 102lbs for a California king.

All of the mattresses are ten inches in height, which is fairly standard for a foam construction mattress. Pricing wise, the Luxi can cost a bit more, but for its adjustable features, many people have felt it be worth it. A Twin size will start at $899, and a California King will run $1,599. Particularly helpful in the price to value ratio is the adjustability even between sides at the queen and above sizes.

As with most foam mattresses, the Luxi’s edge support wasn’t notably good. Memory foam is a wonderful material for shaping to the sleeper’s body but does not often provide a strong edge. The benefit to this, though, is very little motion transfer.

Product Features

As our team completed their Luxi mattress review, they were excited to highlight the following unique features:

  • Three adjustable firmness levels
  • Split side firmness adjustments for larger mattress sizes
  • Evolution of one-size-fits-all
  • Shape matching technology
  • 100-day trial length
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Free shipping


After completing the Luxi mattress review, our team determined the following to be the primary pros and cons that consumers should be aware of as they consider purchasing a Luxi mattress:

  • Adjustable firmness levels are like having three different mattresses in one
  • Split side firmness adjustability is unique to the foam mattress industry and perfect for partners
  • Shape matching technology adjusts to the sleeper in every position
  • Channels in patented SBT layer aid in cooling breathability


  • Adjustability of layers can cause a hassle with lifting and move the individual layers
  • Compression style shipping requires time for the mattress to decompress
  • Lower edge support ratings
  • Adjustable layers do not all feature a cooling aspect, potentially causing issues with heat dissipation

Bottom Line

Driven by the belief that everyone is different, and no one mattress can be perfect for everyone, Luxi has created a mattress that has adapted to the one-size-fits-all idea in a much more realistic way.

Adjustable firmness settings give a sleeper the options of three beds in one, with the queen and above sizes going a step further and offering a split adjustability setting per side. With their commitment to developing an evolved mattress out of a history of product development and engineering experience, Luxi is also known for their dedication to customer satisfaction.

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