Sapira Mattress Review

Sapira Mattress
Sapira Mattress

Leesa, the company that created the Sapira mattress, began as a company with a goal of reducing sleeplessness. It’s a simple goal and one that could be claimed by any mattress company, but Leesa goes about it a little differently. They wanted to “strip down” mattresses to the simplest things in order to insure a good night’s sleep.

They are also incredibly environmentally conscious as a company and strive to do good for those who struggle to afford a place to sleep at night. For every ten mattresses they sell, one is donated to those in need. Every mattress sold also means a tree is planted. They work hard to do their part in helping the planet and the community.

Their products are only available online, including the hybrid Sapira mattress, which is compressed and shipped directly to the customer’s house. Leesa works to make mattress shopping easier and sleeping just a little bit better. Here in our Sapira mattress review, we’ll go over how a simple goal produced a simply amazing mattress.

Product Description

The Sapira mattress is the newer of Leesa’s mattress designs. While their original Leesa model is a foam style, the Sapira combines memory foam with a pocket spring system. The mattress adapts to any style of body, but it gently presses on those points that carry daily stress without causing discomfort. The addition of the pocket springs allows for the Sapira to provide extra support that the Leesa foam mattress may lack. Overall, the hybrid nature of the Sapira makes significant improvements to the already high-quality Leesa brand.

Product Features

  • Cooling Avena Foam – Also featured on Leesa’s other mattress model, this top layer of foam facilitates airflow to keep you cool through the night.
  • Memory Foam – The 1.5” layer of memory foam that the Sapira features allows for the perfect body contouring and pressure relief that one hopes for from memory foam.
  • New Pocket Springs – Leesa claims to have spent a great deal of time perfecting their pocket spring model, in which each spring is encased and then put between layers of foam to maximize comfort and support.
  • Multiple Sizes – The Sapira mattress is available in sizes from Twin all the way up to California King.
  • “Edge to Edge” Support – The pocket spring system encompasses the entire mattress right up to the edge, in order to eliminate the “rolling off the bed” sensation.
  • Motion Isolation – The foam casing around the pocket springs allow for little to no motion transfer.


  • The hybrid meeting of the memory foam that Leesa is known for with their patented pocket spring system is a great way to ensure a good night’s sleep. We at Smarttress loved the soft memory foam for maximum comfort, but still felt as though the pocket springs provided the extra support usually absent from memory foam mattresses.
  • The cooling layer of Avena Foam combined with the pleasant Leesa memory foam makes for a great combination for support and pain relief. Studies show memory foam is great for sleepers with chronic fatigue or muscle pain, and the added pocket spring support makes it even better.
  • Motion Isolation is wonderful for those who sleep with a partner. The design of the Sapira allows for almost no motion transfer, so you can wake up in the middle of the night and not risk waking your sleeping partner.
  • If you purchase directly from the Leesa website, there is a 100-night guarantee in which you can return the mattress if for some reason you are not satisfied – the testers for our Sapira mattress review loved the Sapira mattress, though!
  • It is constructed from highly durable and high-quality materials, which means it will be a much longer lasting mattress than many others on the market today.
  • Easy ordering and free shipping (if ordered directly from the Leesa website) allow for faster delivery times, and Leesa is widely known for their great customer service.


  • The mattress’s design is better suited for people who sleep on their stomach or back. While testing the mattress, our testers at Smarttress found that the way the foam and springs work together is better suited for back or stomach sleeps. The extra support allows for a gentle pushback on pressure points for some pain relief, but that same sensation is marginally less comfortable when laying on your side.
  • While the memory foam of the Sapira is incredibly responsive, some may find it to be a bit firmer than the average memory foam mattress, most likely due to the addition of the pocket springs. It stills responds quickly and accurately to pressure, and it does not make you feel as though you are sleeping “in” the mattress, but the firmness might dissuade some memory foam fans.
  • As with many foam mattresses, there are some complaints of heat retention, which can cause discomfort. However, the cooling foam layer does work well in combatting this heat retention, and we at Smarttress had no complaints.
  • As this mattress must be purchased online, some people may find that a dissuading factor, as they are unable to test the mattress themselves beforehand. While our tests showed positive results, it is understandable to feel uneasy. However, Leesa has the 100-night guarantee in place in order to maintain customer satisfaction if anyone dislikes the Sapira mattress after purchasing it.

Shop for the Sapira Mattress Today!

Our testers at Smarttress loved the Sapira mattress. The memory foam-pocket spring hybrid mattress design allows for greater comfort than previously seen in mattresses, and Leesa continues to live up to the high expectations of its customers and the mattress industry. This newest innovation from Leesa is a wonderful, comfortable mattress with plenty of support and comfort without too many bells and whistles. You get the comfort and style you desire without the extras – or the extra costs!

If the Sapira mattress review has peaked your interest, you can try the Sapira mattress for yourself by ordering it online directly from the Leesa website at Experience the mattress for yourself and fall in love with it, just like we did. You are sure to have a fantastic night’s sleep with the Sapira mattress!

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