Voila Mattress Review

Voila Mattress
Voila Mattress

Voila offers one of the best hybrid mattresses available. It’s a good option for those who prefer a mattress that has a smooth top but still want a little bit of bounce and spring support. It’s the only company to offer a combination of latex for bounce and high-quality fabrics that breathe.

Voila has innovative technology in their coil system that adapts to the weight of the person laying on it to put your spine in the correct position. Another layer of their mattress also responds to the body and adjusts to make the sleeper feel more comfortable. Each mattress they offer is a one of a kind show of Voila technology.

The company is family owned and operated and has an international supplier located in Shanghai. Voila follows the highest quality of standards to please the many people on their customer list across the globe. They claim to recognize that attention to detail is the most important part of their success and strive for nothing but the best for their customers.

We at Smarttress seek to test these claims to ensure the quality of their mattress is as they say. Read on to see what our Voila mattress review reveals.

Product Description

Voila is a hybrid mattress, meaning that it combines springs and foam to provide some of the best comfort. When you order a Voila mattress, it’s compressed before being rolled into a box and then delivered to your home. While there’s no specific foundation constructed for this mattress, it works with a range of foundations that are out there.

The mattress has a cover that is two-toned. The part that stretches over the top of the mattress is a white polyester, while the sides are a grey mesh. It comes off easily for cleaning, is a great color, and is functional. The combination of polyester paired with the porous mesh that makes up the sides helps with cooling and airflow.

The brand has three different models based on firmness with each having a different height. The Firm model is only 10”, the Medium model is 11”, and the Plush model is 12”. They use more layers than other brands which makes the mattress much heavier. Some believe this enhances comfort.

Product Features

During our Voila mattress review, the following are the features which stood out most:

  • Firmness The mattress that has a medium firmness is the one that will cater to the widest variety of people. Out of a scale of 10, with 10 being the firmest. The medium-level model from Voila ranks a 6. The Plush model would be a 3.5, and the Firm model would be an 8.5.
  • Construction – The mattress consists of a cover that is soft to the touch. A top layer that is composed of memory foam. When you push on the mattress, you’ll notice the foam, latex, and the layers of coils.

The top layer of the bed responds slowly, giving it its firmness. The latex and coils give it some bounce which results in it being easy for you to reposition in your sleep.

The base layers allow for the mattress to contour to your body as you lay down. Another layer in the mattress is composed of five zones where coils are. These zones were carefully placed so that they result in different firmness levels.

  • Motion Transfer – The Voila mattress is great when it comes to motion transfer. Memory foam mattress show high levels of isolation of motion. Mattress with innersprings spread motion more evenly. Voila mattresses are a hybrid of the two, so the foam and coils work together to give the bed low motion transfer.

Motion transfer is important to those who are light sleepers. It’s not a breaking for most people, but light sleepers could be disturbed by the bed moving too much when their partner tosses and turns.

  • Edge Support – Other brands that ship their mattresses out and compress them in boxes often deal with damage at the edges of their product. Voila isn’t like that at all. They have triple edge support created from multiple layers of foam.

If you lay on the edge of this mattress, you’ll feel barely any compression. You’ll feel a little more when you sit on the edge, but still only slight compression. Good edge support means you’ll never feel like you’re going to fall off of your bed.

  • Trial Period – Voila has a 100-night trial for the customers. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress after that then you’ll be refunded the full purchase price.
  • Warranty – Customers also get a 10-year limited warranty for their purchase.
  • Shipping and Pricing – For those who are ordering in the USA, the shipping costs are added to the sales price for the mattress. Those who want the product shipped overseas can get into contact with the company’s support and may require you to pay an additional fee. The Voila is offered in four sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The Twin costs $699 and the price increases to $1,499 for the California King.
  • Multiple Firmness Options – The company offers their firmness options: Firm, Medium, and Plush. If you’re not happy with the firmness option that you’ve chosen, you can exchange it once during the trial period. This option allows you to find your perfect fit. All you have to do is pay for the difference between the cost of the two models and the freight delivery.


Our Voila mattress review uncovered the following pros and cons of this mattress:

  • They offer multiple firmness options so that you can find the right one for your needs.
  • The design allows for fantastic pressure relief and is close conforming to the owner.
  • Each mattress is built with a strong edge so that you have the support you need.
  • The company offers affordable prices for such high-quality materials.


  • Since the company is newer, there’s no reliable data on the lifespan of the mattress.

The Bottom Line

The Voila mattress has proven to be innovative with its design, including the use of gel foam, Visco, and hybrid latex paired with coils that are pocketed. The combination of these materials has provided many benefits to those who choose to buy it.

The mattress provides comfort with its responsiveness, bounce, and comfort. After we’ve tested it, our Voila mattress review has determined that this mattress is worth the money if you’re looking for a bed that’s comfortable for a large variety of people.

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