WinkBeds Mattress Review

WinkBeds Mattress
WinkBeds Mattress

Sleep is remarkably important to the health of individuals. Unfortunately, according to the American Psychological Association, 60% of adults have sleeping problems at least a few nights a week.

Having a great mattress can help solve many issues regarding sleep. WinkBeds offers a promising mattress with many features that can greatly aid in the comfort and health of its users.

WinkBeds is a refreshing mattress company that realizes the issues and shortcomings of the mattress industry and is actively seeking to change them. Their tagline even states, “We’re in the mattress industry because we don’t like the mattress industry.”

They are a company that understands the value of telling it like it is instead of trying to sugarcoat everything. The company is based out of Watertown, Wisconsin and feels a dedication toward supporting American workers and the American economy. They also feature a long list of beliefs that give readers a bit more faith in the integrity of capitalist America.

They cut out the middleman so that they can offer very high-quality mattresses at a low cost. WinkBeds encourages customer interaction and prominently displays their phone number and email on their about page.

So, without further ado, here is our team’s WinkBeds mattress review to help you determine if this might not be the right bed for you.

WinkBeds Mattress Description

Their mattresses come in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. One of the biggest draws toward this company is their coolControl technology and hybrid design. coolControl allows the users of each side of the bed adjust the temperature to fit their individual needs.

The hybrid design gives sleepers the contouring support of springs while also giving them the plush comfort of designer foam. They offer three different softness levels of soft, luxury firm, and firm. They also offer a plus variation designed to provide the most comfort possible for heavier users.

Each level works best for a different type of sleeper such as a side sleeper, but you can try them out for yourself with their 101-night risk-free trial.

WinkBeds Mattress Features

As our team completed the WinkBeds mattress review, the following features stood out:

  • coolControl Technology
  • Tencel Cover
  • Hypersoft Foam and Stabilizing Gel Foam
  • Micro Air-springs and Tempered Support Springs
  • Enhanced Lumbar Support
  • Maximum Perimeter Support
  • Hybrid Design
  • Choice of Firmness
  • Made in the USA
  • 101-Night Risk-free Trial

It is clear why WinkBeds stands apart. Few mattresses provide the adjustable nature that their beds do, and even more impressive and refreshing is the “made in the USA” element.

Following are the pros and cons that our team determined consumers should be aware of after they completed the WinkBeds mattress review.


  • Supports the American Economy
  • Allows for Individual Control with coolControl Technology
  • Hybrid Technology Helps Improve Sleep
  • Individually Made
  • High Quality
  • Free Shipping
  • 101-Night Risk-free Trial
  • 10-year Full Replacement Limited Warranty

All mattresses at WinkBeds are made in Watertown, Wisconsin one at a time. This manufacturing process supports the local American economy instead of giving a portion of the income to entities overseas.

Additionally, the singular production of the mattresses ensures that less waste is created and that the prices are kept as low as possible. This production style also allows the mattresses to be of higher quality.

The coolControl system allows each sleeper to create an individual sleeping experience that is best for them. We at Smarttress loved this feature because if you enjoy sleeping in a warm and cozy bed while your partner enjoys a cool environment neither of you have to sacrifice a great a night sleep. You can both get exactly what you want while staying in the same bed.

The hybrid design also allows sleepers to experience a great deal of support without sacrificing any comfort. The combination of springs with foam means that users can truly have the best of everything.

The company also features free shipping which is a godsend for anyone living especially far away from Wisconsin. Whether you are next door in Minnesota or all the way across the country in Florida you won’t have to worry about exorbitant shipping costs standing between you and the mattress of your dreams.

Other great perks include their 101-Night Risk-free Trial which allows users to return their mattress with no questions asked as well as their 10-year Full Replacement Limited Warranty which is much longer than many other warranties in the industry.


  • No Handles for Transportation
  • Expensive
  • Must Sleep on the Mattress for 30 Nights Before Returning

One of the biggest complaints about this mattress is the fact that it does not have any handles. If you intend on relocating or if you need to move the mattress for any reason it is just important to note that this may be rather difficult.

We at Smarttress greatly enjoyed this mattress but we did (as did many other users) find it to be a bit on the firm side even when we tried the models that were advertised less firm. This is not a huge problem, but if you are something who enjoys a very soft mattress then you may want to look elsewhere because these mattresses tend to offer a bit more support than comfort.

These mattresses are of a very high quality, so naturally, they are not being sold at bargain prices. Queen mattresses start at $1299 which is not unheard of for mattresses of this nature. However, if you would like to include the coolControl base, your price quickly skyrockets to $3499 which isn’t exactly inexpensive when it comes to a single mattress.

Price is just one thing to consider and it shouldn’t completely cloud your view of this mattress’ other great qualities. Many people who have purchased it have said that it was well worth the money and we agree that this could very well be a possibility.

The final con that really is only a problem in rare cases is that the company asks that customers sleep on their newly purchased mattresses for 30 nights before returning it. If you got the mattress and for whatever reason really did not like it, then you may be stuck with it for up to a month. However, the company does this because their return policy really is quite generous, and they want to make sure that you don’t feel rushed in making your decision about your new mattress. After all, breaking in a new bed does always take some time for your body to adjust to, so it makes sense to require at least 30 days to give it a chance.

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If this review has swayed your mattress-buying plans and makes you want to purchase from WinkBeds, then you can easily do so only from their website:

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