Zenhaven Mattress Review

Zenhaven Mattress
Zenhaven Mattress

The Saatva Company, the creators of the Zenhaven mattress, started their brand with the idea of having the luxury of a high-quality mattress without the retail mark ups and excessive price increase. Now, they are becoming one of the fastest growing online mattress retailers, and they have garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews.

They are also a company that believes in giving back, and as such have donated hundreds of mattresses and sums of money to various charities and non-profit organizations to help the Earth and the community. They strongly believe that people deserve luxuries in life without ridiculous fees, and they do their best to provide high-quality products for affordable prices.

After the success of the Saatva mattress and the Loom & Leaf mattress, the Saatva company wanted to venture into a different kind of mattress. They developed the Zenhaven mattress, a 100% natural latex mattress, without all the frills that cause price mark ups. We at Smarttress decided to give the Zenhaven mattress a try to see if it lives up to the internet hype. You can read about our results here in this Zenhaven mattress review.

Product Description

The Zenhaven mattress is made of 100% natural, tree-tapped latex for a design you can feel guilt-free about. The latex features their patented “5-zone comfort layer”, which gives solid support where needed and a gentler touch, too. The mattress is also encased in a natural New Zealand wool case, which is organic and free of chemicals for a healthier sleep. The Zenhaven is also dual-sided: the Talalay latex used by Saatva in the creation of this mattress allows for variety in firmness levels, so one side has a gentler feel while the other is firmer and more supportive.

The latex composition of the Zenhaven also creates a more “breathable” feel for the mattress. The combination of organic wool, cotton, and Talalay latex come together to create a revolutionary natural mattress that certainly fits in with the Saatva catalogue.

Product Features

  • 100% Natural Talalay Latex with 5-Zone Comfort Layers – The American-made latex used by Saatva to create the Zenhaven uses its special 5-Zone Comfort to allow for variation in the plushness or firmness of the mattress. The latex is also hypoallergenic and mold resistant.
  • Organic Wool Case – The case is made from 100% organic New Zealand wool, with absolutely no chemical treatments or anything harmful for your health.
  • 2-in-1 Comfort Technology – The mattress is reversible, in the sense that you can “choose your comfort” with a plush, luxurious side or a firmer, supportive side. The latex layer is patterned differently on each side of the mattress to allow for the change in feeling.
  • Organic Cotton Cover – The mattress cover is pure organic cotton, making it far healthier than many other alternatives and still just as comfortable.
  • 20-Year Warranty – The Zenhaven mattress, if purchased directly from the Saatva company, features a 20-year warranty.


  • The latex composition does not restrict mattress air flow, which means it will keep cool and relaxing and will prevent heat retention. Sleep experts say that keeping your bed and bedroom cool and clean allows for healthier sleep, and the Zenhaven accomplishes both. The natural latex prevents mold growth and facilitates air flow.
  • The dual-sided mattress is one of our favorite aspects of the Zenhaven. The plush side was soft and comforting, while the “firm” side was not so firm that it was uncomfortable; rather, it felt more supportive and helped soothe achy muscles.
  • We found the Zenhaven to be comfortable in any sleeping position, on either side of the mattress. Often, plushier mattresses can pose a problem for “side sleepers”, but our researchers for the Zenhaven mattress review found Zenhaven to be incredibly comfortable whether laying on our backs, sides, or stomachs. It also soothed our pressure points.
  • Latex is known for its durability, so if you decide to invest in a Zenhaven, you will have a solid and high-quality product for years, which works will with the Saatva 20-year warranty.
  • This latex mattress is about as close to all-natural as you can get with a man-made mattress, containing all organic or non-chemically treated products from the Talalay latex to the organic cotton cover. The natural qualities of the Zenhaven make it a good choice for health (such as people with allergies) as well as conscience.
  • It is affordable! Zenhaven should absolutely be considered a luxury mattress, and comparable mattresses usually cost double or triple what this mattress costs.


  • Due to the fact that it is a latex mattress, there is a decent amount of motion transfer. While it is not quite as dramatic as it would be on a spring mattress, there is still enough motion transfer to be aware of a disturbance, particularly on the “plush” side of the Zenhaven.
  • Latex is more responsive than memory foam, so if you are hoping for something that responds more like foam rather than the specificity of latex, you may not enjoy this mattress.
  • The mattress is rather dense, so it is pretty heavy. If you will not be moving the mattress around much, this is not a big problem. However, latex is a durable material and so is this mattress, so if you are planning on keeping it long-term, it will not be simple to move around very often.

Experience a Zen Sleep with the Zenhaven Today!

In our Zenhaven mattress review, we found this mattress from Saatva has all the makings of a luxury latex mattress. Add in the fact that it is a “green” mattress made entirely from natural and hypoallergenic materials, and you might expect this product to be thousands of dollars. While other mattresses in the same category as the Zenhaven may cost that much, this particular latex mattress gives you far more “bang for your buck” and starts at under $2,000 for a queen-sized mattress. Its long lifespan and durability, combined with its comfort and conscientious design, make it an all-around great choice for a mattress.

You can buy the Zenhaven mattress directly from Saatva, as well as find more information about the mattress and the company, at https://www.zenhaven.com/mattress.

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